The Best WordPress Themes of 2023

January 14, 2023

Things to Consider When Choosing WordPress Themes in 2023

If you are currently looking for the best WordPress theme, there are many things you should consider. As you might know we have plently of experience with themes as we've built one of the most successful WordPress themes of the last century. While this indeed makes us a little bit biased if you ask us which theme is the perfect choice, this article should be a guide of several themes that meet our strict quality guidelines. And while our own theme always will be our first choice, we're not mad if you pick a different one as long as you pick one that provides you with everything you need. There are many things you can forget to look at when choosing a WordPress theme and that's why we've created this article to guide you into the right direction.

Since we are building WordPress themes for several years now (2023 marks the 10 year anniversary of our first theme), we have gathered quite some experience on what customers need when building their sites and what are true game changers in terms of speed and workflow. While theme building can be a challenging process some features can enhance the productivity tremendously. Every WordPress page builder has a learning curve, but the main difference is how workflows are sketched out and if there are mechanics that make repeating tasks automated. This can save time and lead to a much higher productivity when working on many different pages.

The first relevant thing when skimming over a theme’s listing is that it’s optimised for speed and provides regular updates. Only frequently updated themes can give you the security and reliability you’ll need to run a solid performing website.

Depending on the niche you are planning to build your site there are developers that focus on certain topics like restaurant themes or fitness WordPress themes that provide additional functionality and a bigger variety of demos.

Nowadays it’s all about WordPress page building. Wether it’s the footer, header or content section there is no coding involved anymore, most themes offer a drag and drop builder and the most advanced one have a live preview so what you see it what you get. This is tremendously helpful and gives you an edge when designing as you can save time on the cumbersome preview process.

The Ultimate WordPress Theme

We're Themeco and our main goal since founding is to provide our customers with a product that is tailored to their needs and helps them to grow their business. Our team comes from various backgrounds including marketing and development. We know the daily pain points and we're in business now for over 8 years and listened to our customers. All this knowledge and information was included when building our very own WordPress themes called Pro.


Pro is a theme that is unlike any other. We've focused on the building experience as this is the task you're spending the most time with. Most builders are clunky, not very intuitive and they give limitations. Our approach is to provide you with a tool like Photoshop. It does not matter if you are a beginner or experienced user you will be able to use the builder and build stunning layouts. The main difference to other WordPress themes is the levels of deepness you can go when tweaking individual elements and sections. This enables you to tweak things without touching code and building exactly what you're envisioning.

Headers and Footers are most of the time a static element that runs through all of your pages but there are cases where you would like to use a different navigation or a different header or footer setup. To account for these circumstances we're providing you with a header and footer builder so you can have an unique setup on any page. This gives you the ultimate flexibility when designing Websites.

One of the most exciting developments in 2023 is our release of Components and Parameters. These incredible features will help you take site building to the next level with industry-first control over WordPress in some truly remarkable ways.

Workflow and how to optimise it is essential for scaling your business. Our Design Cloud comes with elements, demos and presets that import into your site with a single click. Alternatively you can save your own templates and reuse elements or sections as often as needed. This increases the speed you're able to bootstrap your site significantly.

When starting with a new theme there is always a learning curve and support is another element where we want to excel. Giving our customers an experience unlike any other and helping them with getting to know the product and achieving what they're trying to build has lead us to being one of the industry leading WordPress support providers. Our theme consits of a team that has been with our company for years, this high rate of loyalty combined with high experience is the key to success when it comes to helping customers.

This article is about the best WordPress themes and yes there are others, and yes we are biased. But we feel we've built the best WordPress theme and that's why we are recommending it. Still there are other great options as there are always individual preferences and we feel like due to our experience we can show you which themes are of a high quality and might be a good choice if you feel like Pro is not for you.

Other Great WordPress Themes


If we had to pick just one other theme that you simply have to own, it would be Divi. As a matter of fact, we've been proud paying customers for over a decade. Divi is a versatile multi purpose theme that comes with a big collection of pre-made layouts that can speed up the process of creating your website. Every design and element is fully responsive and looks good on any device.

While Divi might not be the most complex theme on the market it is very user friendly and gives you just enough tools and features to make any design come to life.


While Pro is our ultimate powerhouse there is also X which offers less functionality but is a great choice for anyone starting out with WordPress themes. You can upgrade X to Pro at any time which makes this an even better choice for when you get more advanced you can always opt for getting more extensive features like a header and footer builder which only comes with our Pro theme. Generally speaking X and Pro have quite a lot of similarities so by choosing a demo and building your site with Cornerstone you can be up and running in no time.


Avada is the best selling theme on Themeforest and can be viewed as the swiss army knife of themes. It has hundreds of theme options and a wide range of supported plugins. Due to the fact that it has such a big user base most plugins integrate with them and for the rare case where something is not working properly they have a support team that can help you with questions related to their theme.


Astra has quickly become one of the most successful WordPress themes by giving the user an infinite amount of choice and integrating with popular builders like Elementor.

The unique thing about this theme is that it comes as a free version that already gives you a basic set of options, as soon as you want to take it one step further you can upgrade and get access to a huge design library.


Enfold from Kriesi is a theme from an author that was one of the first people on the Themeforest marketplace. There are only a few people that have more experience in this industry than him and this is also reflecting in his theme. By going a route where everything is custom built and seamless you get an experience unlike most other themes.

With 35+ demos you can pick a great starting point before tweaking the design to fit your own needs. This will speed up the process and help you get things done fast.


Ultra from themeify comes with 12 free builder addons valued over $100 dollar which extend the Themify builder functionality so you can build sites more easily. With smart layout options you can give each individual page a unique look and special touch.

Another great function called “Section Scrolling” enables you to have horizontal and vertical full page scrolling elements for your website which gives your visitors a modern and totally unique look and feel when interacting with the website.


OceanWP is yet another free WordPress theme that has a powerful set of features and own companion plugins. With WooCommerce support and frequent updates this is a great way to start your website and once you feel the need for something more advanced you can upgrade to their premium offer at any given time.


Hestia is a premium WordPress theme. Yet it’s free and fully translation ready. With a wide range of extensions that can be purchased by upgrading to Hestia Pro your options when designing websites is limitless.

Featuring a live customizer and a wide range of theme options you will enjoy working with this WordPress theme.


Salient is one of the most design centric multi purpose themes available and if you are someone looking for minimalistic yet powerful design elements that put the spotlight on content then this theme is a great choice. By extending the functionality of the popular visual composer page builder you have all the tools available to design great pages without touching any code.


Looking for a great eCommerce theme that make your products stand out? Look no further. Goya comes with great features like a mini cart and a multi step checkout that will increase conversion and let you upsell certain products to your customers. By providing a wide range of theme options you can tweak the look and feel of this theme to your exact needs.


Flatsome is the ultimate WordPress theme if you are looking for an easy to use yet complex way to create your own web shop. Coming with all important features that you need to run a successful business venture make sure to give this outstanding theme a try.


Kallyas is a multi purpose theme that boasts 70+ pre made demos which you can import with a single click. Coming with the Zion Page Builder and a wide range of elements to style and layout your pages you will be amazed on how fast you can create a whole website without having to touch any code.


Boasting 28,000+ customers and a stellar satisfaction rating, Oshine is the perfect theme if you want to showcase a portfolio or simply display information in a beautiful manner. There are numerous header & footer styles that give your site an unique touch by combining them with breathtaking parallax sections.


With over 420+ ready to use websites and full elementor support Jupiter X is one of the best WordPress themes. Unique header and footer designs that suit to any use case of your website make this theme a swiss army knife that you never will want to miss.


The7 calls itself the most customizable WP Theme for Elementor and WPBakery featuring dozends of elements that let you create custom header, page titles, footers, archives and many more. By supporting all major post types like Portfolio, Slideshows, Media Albums, Team, Testimonials, Carousel and many more you can rest assured that your page content will be well manageable and great looking.


Looking for the perfect solution to create a learning platform in a relatively short amount of time and without needing a huge budget? Seek no further. This educational WordPress theme gives you the ability to host courses for free or a fee with a complete payment integration for a member area. By supporting a wide range of popular plugins like LearnPress you can score students and give them credits, track their process in a dashboard and much more to make learning for the teacher and student as efficient as possible.


Are you looking for a theme to promote your ICO or other blockchain venture? Seek no further: With Crypterio you can launch a landing page to promote your project in hours yet have a professional looking website. With dozends of live demos and a helpful documentation you will learn to master this WordPress theme with ease.

Authority Pro

Authority Pro is a template that gives you all the tools you need to build a website to promote yourself or your services in the most efficient way possible. Coming with a One Click Theme Setup, Gutenberg Block Editor and the famous Genesis Framework you will enjoy working with this theme.

Authority Pro

With the fast digitalisation of literally everything it's important for most businesses to sell their goods online. Storefront is a free WooCommerce theme that makes it easy to get a shop up and running without any cost. Due to the minimal design and the limited set of features there is no big learning curve and you can focus on what's most important. Selling your goods.


Coming with 20 smart demos and an easy 1-click demo installer you can get a dummy site up and running in 20 seconds. Featuring unlimited designs. An advanced options sytem, a contact form builder and so much more this WordPress theme will be a great choice for someone who wants a limitless customizable solution for their website.

Phlox Pro

Fully supporting Elementor and WPBackery Visual Composer you can start building layouts with tools you know and feel familiar with. 80+ ready to use templates and over 160 premium elementor elements give you the control you need to build stunning pages that attract visitors. With a wide range of header and footer layouts and full WooCommerce support you can create a multi functional site that fits any need.


If a theme provider states that they feature a huge design collection then it's better really big and Hub is a theme that delivers. Coming with over 600 pre built sections and premium plugins that make setting up and running a website a piece of cake will provide you a joyful experience when working with this theme. Having performance in mind and with a performance score of 98 you can rest assured that visitors will experience a blazing fast website.


Looking for the perfect WordPress theme to showcase your news or information in a stunning way without distracting visitors with an overload of graphics? Seek no further. Jannah is the perfect solution for you coming with nifty features like Snapchat widgets and an Instagram plugin making sharing social content a breeze. If you are a fan of the day/night mode of smartphones and computers then you will be pleased to know that this theme comes with a switch for your audience so they can turn the site into the mode that suits them best which will also improve overall time spent on the site and easen the way they read your site.

Foodie Pro

WordPress themes can be tasty! At least if you look at the Foodie Pro theme which is the perfect theme to showcase your food ventures. While this theme is branded towards a specific niche it still can be used for others due to its minimal design. If you want to blog about a certain topic and want a template that focuses on content and images then this is a great choice. Building upon the widely popular Genesis framework you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with performance and regular updates.

What better way is there to see some of the latest trends for WordPress in 2023 then to see a guided tour of our new and improved Cornerstone! What is Cornerstone I hear you asking? It is the website builder that powers our two popular WordPress themes, X and Pro. Take a few seconds to watch the video and get help finding the best WordPress theme for you and your website.

Frequently Asked Questions when Buying a WordPress Theme

Here are 10 considerations when choosing a brad new WordPress theme.

1. Compatibility. Most of the time you will need additional plugins to extend the functionality of your theme, by choosing a theme that has broad compatibility with major plugins you save yourself a lot of time.

2. Performace. Nowadays everything is about speed. Google ranks sites that are loading fast better as a speedy site serves content to the visitor quicker and therefore is more relevant. Always make sure you're choosing a theme with performance in mind.

3. Support. When it comes to an issue that you can't resolve on your own it's all about the developer's team and how they are reacting to your request. Some WordPress themes come with great support that will help you solve issues in no time.

4. Updates. Having a secure and frequently updated site is key. Malicious attacks can result in long periods of downtime or even harm to your visitors so always take a look at the changelog of a theme to get a sense on how often it gets updated.

5. Extensions. Some templates come with a collection of plugins that come for free with the theme this helps you to save money and get extensions for your theme that are compatible and work seamless in conjunction with your WordPress theme.

6. Assets. While this is not the first thing you'll probably be looking for I can assure you having a wide range of assets to your hands will reduce the time you need to create a stunning website significantly.

7. eCommerce. Selling goods online is getting more and more popular, buying a WordPress theme that is already compatible so you can extend your website with a few clicks and start selling online is a huge plus.

8. Design. Minimal, function over form is currently the trend in modern web design and while there are always nuances in what's the perfect look and feel for a website making sure that it's content driven and not bloated is something to look out for.

9. Price. While it can be tempting to compare themes by their prices we do not recommend doing that. This is an investment for a longer period of time and therefore a small difference in price is not worth running into trouble or even having to buy another theme once you're not satisfied with the other.

10. Mobile Optimisation. Mobile usage is increasing day by day, so it's essential to have a mobile experience that is on par with desktop. Make sure the theme of your choice is putting emphasize on this.


Hopefully this list of the best WordPress themes is giving you a good oversight of reliabe and easy to use tools that enable you to create your website. The reason why we picked the themes above (even though we have our own theme which we obviously think is the best choice) is that every person's needs and preferences are different. While we believe that most people will love our Pro Theme there is nothing wrong about giving another theme a try that might have a certain feature or demo that exactly provides you with what you are looking for.

It is also smart to try a few before making your final decision. In addition to Pro, we strongly recommend Divi. If you build sites in WordPress, you need to have Divi in your toolbox.

Still keep in mind that choosing a theme is an important decision and one you'll most likely stick with for the next years so take all the time you can to do the research between all these website builders and if you have any questions related to WordPress or our own theme do not hesitate to use the comment form below and we're happy to help you.