August 31, 2021

Hello Friends,

We have just completed the rollout of our Responsive Styling Update, and the response has been incredible (just look at the YouTube comments). If you haven’t updated to Pro 5, X 9, or Cornerstone 6 — now is the time!

What’s Next

We have a very exciting fall schedule, starting with the next development cycle which is already underway. This will be a smaller cycle in terms of scope, but it will include a highly requested feature: native sliders!

Sliders tend to get a bad wrap, but they certainly have a place in modern web design. While many slider plugins can be cumbersome and hard to manage, we’re excited to bring a simple yet customizable approach to this powerful new Element.

We have some of the initial mechanics up and running, but it’s not quite ready for a sneak peak yet. Stay tuned to our social channels throughout September when it’s ready to share.

In addition to sliders, we’re working on a couple of other features for this upcoming cycle. One that we announced a few months back is ending support for IE 11. This will reduce our bundle size since we’re not shipping extra code and polyfills to support it. You should see a slight performance gain.

Another is the option to use Sections in Headers/Footers as an alternative to Bars. We’re slowly but surely making progress on some internal builder mechanics, and we’re excited to introduce this important one.

There is also another very exciting feature that we are hoping to get in for this cycle, but there is a chance we may not be able to complete it, so I’ll leave it off for now :) I hope to have more news on it next month if we can’t get it into this cycle.


If all that wasn't exciting enough, we’re hoping to have this update ready before the end of September! Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for the latest. 9-3-21 Update: First sneak peek is now live.

As always, thank-you for your continued business and partnership. We couldn’t do it without you!

All my best,