May 12, 2014

  • 1.8.5

We'll try to keep these release notes short and sweet as this update is simple maintenance release to address some minor bugs and improve performance, structure, et cetera when possible throughout the theme. Additionally, we've also readied a few things for our next big release, which will be v2.0.0 and feature our highly anticipated 4th Stack, Ethos! We've very excited about v2.0.0 and look forward to seeing what everyone does with it once it's available.

In the most recent version of the theme, one of the biggest bugs we've tackled is displaying sliders on the blog index page. As it has been noted throughout the forum, blog index pages would not display sliders if they were assigned to the page due to the way WordPress operates and handles these sections of your site based on settings in the WordPress admin area. Effectively, WordPress no longer views the blog page as a Page in the sense of it being a Page post type in the system. Technical details aside, we've managed to implement a fix that addresses this developmental nuance and now gives you complete freedom in outputting your sliders on these sections of your site if needed.

We also included numerous updates with regards to different pieces of functionality, most notably the one page navigation. We've updated the way this script works so that all offset calculations are set properly even on longer pages with lots of content, which can prove to be an issue on slower connections, lesser hosting plans, et cetera.

Along with these feature and performance improvements there have also been numerous small updates made to the frontend and backend of the theme to aid in performance, output, and troubleshooting moving forward. Ultimately, things have been made a little more streamlined and performant, which will help ready things for the v2.0.0 release of X as well.

Additionally, we've updated Visual Composer to v4.1.3 with this release of X. We happened to notice a bug with this release of Visual Composer where the duplication button was not working for the shortcodes. After a short time investigating this we discovered a bug implemented by the Visual Composer team and worked to remedy it on our end. The important thing to take away from this is that the bundled version of Visual Composer that comes with X will have this bug fix in place, but if you have your own license for Visual Composer and download v4.1.3 on your own, this bug will persist. To ensure that you're using the latest version with the bug fix that we implemented in Visual Composer ourselves, please follow the plugin update instructions in the Knowledge Base.

X Shortcodes

We made one major update in the plugin itself and the way that the parallax backgrounds are calculated. Previously, if bandwidth was slow or a page had lots of content this could result in erroneous offset calculations for the background images. We have implemented a fix that addresses this issue and should ensure that all parallax backgrounds are output properly.


  • X 1.8.5 - May 12, 2014
    • Updated: Localized default Customizer settings.
    • Updated: Various files and file structures in preparation for upcoming v2.0.0 release.
    • Updated: Visual Composer v4.1.3 support.
    • Updated: More efficient Customizer and user CSS output.
    • Bugfix: Sliders with Revolution Slider not assignable on blog index pages.
    • Bugfix: Incorrect version number output to the <body> element when using a child theme.
    • Bugfix: Scrolling calculation errors for one page navigation when more resource intensive pages are used.
    • Bugfix: Fixed bug in v4.1.3 of Visual Composer that kept element duplication from functioning properly (only available with bundled version of Visual Composer as we fixed this ourselves internally).
  • Shortcodes 2.2.2 - May 12, 2014
    • Updated: Various files and file structures in preparation for upcoming v2.3.0 release.
    • Bugfix: Parallax background images occasionally offset incorrectly on more resource intensive pages.