September 30, 2023

Howdy Friends,

Hopefully you've been keeping up with the latest product updates on Facebook and Twitter. If so, you'll know our massive next update is just around the corner.

There's a lot to love in this next update, and in case you mised it, here is everything we shared in September.

Sneak Peeks

Be sure to check out last month's Status Report as we go into more detail about the powerful new features coming your way in this cycle. Beta testing begins this week!

New Videos

We released several new videos including getting started with Archives, Loopers, and Terms in Cornerstone, how to build shops with WooCommerce and Cornerstone, plus an exciting video on integrating top charts and favorites with Cornerstone Charts.

There are several more videos coming your way in October starting with a very helpful tutorial on the powerful conditional logic feature in Cornerstone that drops tomorrow.

Get ready for a fun month!