October 3, 2019

Hello Everyone!

Our leadership team had an incredible time in London last month, and it was extra special to host a dinner for several in the Themeco community. People came in from all over Europe, and it was truly an evening to remember! Here are a few pictures from the meetup.

New Versions

On the product front, Pro 3, X 7, and Cornerstone 4 are now live! We have reached the stability release for this cycle, so if you haven't updated already we encourage you to do so. This powerful lineup of new features will dramatically improve both your efficiency of using the tool and the possibilities of what you can do.

Be sure to check out our Release Notes for a detailed writeup of everything that was included in addition to our YouTube Channel where we've listed nearly a dozen (and counting) short video tutorials. We have much in store for the channel so be sure to subscribe.

Grid Element

Another very exciting feature that is almost ready for testing is our new Grid Element. In a way, this is kind of like a new builder but all contained within a powerful new layout Element. Internally we're calling it a Grid Editor. From mosaic layouts to complex grid setups, this interactive tool will change the game for the types of layouts you can build.


We'll be releasing several templates that you can deconstruct or use as a starting point for your grid design. In addition, we'll be producing several video tutorials to walk you through everything you need to know. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news. We'll have an update on the Grid Element there this coming Friday, October 4th.

4th Quarter

It's hard to believe we're down to the final three months of the year! As we look out over our development and business calendar, we are estimating one more release this calendar year as we will be bringing our new site online on (or around) January 1st.

Between now and then, we'll continue to release monthly Status Reports and will be very active on Facebook and Twitter sharing product news and general updates along the way. We have a team of people working on new video content so you can expect to see a lot of movement in that regard. Subscribe to our channel so you don't miss out.

Happy Fall,