March 5, 2021

Howdy Themeco,

Our most recent updated related to Loopers and ACF Pro is now live! We have released several new tutorials, and for those looking to extend the power of ACF and dynamic content — this update gives you a lot to be excited about.

Responsive Styling Update

The big feature we are currently working on is improvements to responsive styling. From full flexibility over every breakpoint to easily fine tuning fonts, spacing, and more at different screen sizes — this is a substantial update that we know many customers are looking forward to. We expect to begin beta testing this in late April for the official release in May.

While we work on these more involved features, we are continuing our development roadmap with monthly product updates. Here's a bit of an overview of what is coming in our April release.

New "Buildable" Areas

Have you every found yourself wishing you could take a builder Element and easily place it in a Modal, or Dropdown Element, or Off Canvas Element? You'll soon be able to! In addition, you'll be able to lock toggles. This will be invaluable as you are building inside these areas since it prevents clicks from automatically closing the toggleable area.

Mega Menu Prefab

One of the unique aspects to our Elements and tooling is the way in which they can be combined together to provide both a high degree of customizability while still staying within a native building environment (no extra plugins or code needed). Thanks to improvements we're making to the buildable areas mentioned above, we'll be including a new Mega Menu Prefab with this release! This will give you a quick start for building a more full-featured navigation using the Elements you know and love.

Design Cloud Improvements

In our next update, you'll be able to use Design Cloud templates directly in their respective builder without needing to install the asset first. We have some really exciting things in store for Design Cloud as part of our Theme Options reboot later this year, so this is the first step in that direction. In addition, we have several new premium assets coming your way with the April release.

If you have any questions about the recent update or need anything at all, feel free to reach out anytime through our support forum. As always, a big thank-you for allowing us to partner together on your personal and client websites!

All my best,