Video Series • December 31, 2020

Have you ever wanted to have full stylistic control over the output of some recent posts on your website? Perhaps you've wanted to showcase a select few featured products from your WooComerce shop on your homepage? Maybe you have a custom post type full of information that you wish you had more flexibility with on the frontend of your site. Whatever the case may be, Loopers can cover all of this and much more!

When working with Loopers, there are different "Provider" types that you can use to access information from your WordPress installation. Follow along as we unpack these Looper Provider Types and explore how and when you might use them in your own designs.

Leveraging multiple Looper Providers in your designs can allow you to explore powerful new layout possibilities with your website. Follow along as we show just how easy it is to setup a "magazine" layout using multiple Looper Providers on our page.

As we have been learning in our Looper Series, the Looper Module is broken up into two different parts: Providers and Consumers. In this video we explore when you would want to approach a design that requires multiple Consumers to output alternate content styles form one Provider.