July 31, 2023

Howdy Friends,

It was a very exciting month at Themeco HQ, and we have several bits of news to share.

Update on the Update

We're right in the middle of the rollout of our latest update to X, Pro, and Cornerstone. This is arguably one of our biggest updates to date and includes a little something for everyone.

  • Blank & Starter Stack
  • Drag & Drop Updates
  • Code Editor Themes & Preferences
  • Editable Breakpoints
  • Layout Assignment Expressions
  • Random Dynamic Content
  • Custom Element Styling
  • The Return of Presets
  • Plus Much More!

Follow the Release Notes for the latest news throughout the cycle including a detailed write-up of all the features and fixes.

Poll Time

Have an opinion on future features? We'd love to hear your take on this simple poll. From new developments in Cornerstone Charts (some of which are coming very soon) to popular feature requests, we greatly appreciate your taking a couple of minutes to submit your vote.

Let's Get Visual

We have seen an incredible response to Cornerstone Charts, and we couldn't be more pleased. This wonderful new plugin will help you visualize WordPress data in new and exciting ways. Be sure to check out the introduction video and then stay tuned for an exciting new tutorial coming out tomorrow showing how to build an interactive calculator with Cornerstone Charts and Gravity Forms.

This is one of the things we are most excited about with Cornerstone Charts. It not only allows you to visualize any static or dynamic data, you can source data from just about anywhere. We have several exciting videos in the works showing how you can use everything from free to premium tools to create highly engaging, highly interactive experiences (we've already seen some Google Sheets powered builds that are pretty sweet). We'll be covering it all and showing you how to tap into the power of this amazing plugin. Be sure to check out the Changelog so you can stay on top of the latest features in addition to the developer guide for extending this powerful tool.

Once you start exploring the depth of the product and how it can be leveraged to visualize any site data, the sky is truly the limit. Looking for a way to visually separate your websites from the pack? Want to take on projects previously unatainable? Ready to engage your visitors through interactive experiences? Cornerstone Charts does it all. Purchase with special launch pricing.

Happy Summer!