July 1, 2020

June was the first full month with our new website, and the response has been incredible! Support times are among the fastest ever, Pro Unlimited is a smash hit, and many customers are taking advantage of our all new services.

As a matter of fact, if you are a creative professional who builds sites for clients, I strongly encourage you to check out Elite. You’ll be shocked at how quickly this on-demand service can open up capacity in your web design business. To get started you can schedule a quick call with Matt or purchase your first block of hours. We have some exciting updates coming in July so stay tuned!

Update on the Update

We’re deep in the weeds of our next cycle and very pleased with how it is coming together. Most of the workflow improvements have been completed, and we are close to wrapping up element transforms. We refer to these as “Effects” and, in addition to simple animations, you’ll be able to layer these features in some truly remarkable ways. For a more detailed writeup on all that is included in this cycle, be sure to check out the report from June.

If you missed it, we shared a sneak peak of the new snappable UI in addition to just a few of the effects coming your way.

With regards to timeline, I'd say we're almost halfway through the development scope. Estimates can be tricky, so I’ll use these monthly Status Reports as the time to share a pulse on where we are in the process. We already have the initial scaffolding of the Layout Builder in place, and several items will begin to snowball as we get further along. In the interim, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates throughout.

In closing, I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy. These are challenging times, but I have every confidence we will get through it. Control what you can control, trust where you need to trust, and show grace where you can show grace (especially to those who think differently).

Thank-you for the opportunity to partner together on your websites!

All my best,