December 19, 2022

Howdy Friends,

I wanted to share the Status Report a little early this month as there are several bits of exciting news.


When we started Elite over 2 years ago, we had one goal in mind — to provide the best on-demand development services on the market today.

Throughout the years, we’ve had the privilege of working with some incredible companies and individuals on some incredible projects and websites.

As the team has grown, and as we’ve considered where we want to focus in the future, we began to discuss different options to support Elite on its own strategic objectives.

In the end, we decided it was best for Elite to function as a standalone business, and we are pleased to announce we have sold the Elite business.

It will be under the very capable hands of our very own Matt Frost, who will be leaving to take Elite to the next level.

Matt’s story with Themeco is actually quite remarkable. He started off as a customer, became a moderator of a Facebook group, we then established a friendship that turned into him eventually becoming our Director of Operations, a position he has held for several years.

I could never put in words just how much this man means to me, but I am overjoyed at this opportunity for him and the Elite team.

Next Update

The highly anticipated next update is launching on December 20th! From the interface refresh to document tabs to Components and Parameters — this update has a little something for everyone.

We didn't plan for it to be around Christmas, but we actually think this could be a blessing in disguise. In between family, friends, and parties you'll have a lot of exciting new tech to play with...our Christmas present to you!

As a reminder, we begin the rollout to manual updates and then work our way through automatic updates ending with the stability release. You can follow the Release Notes post for the latest news throughout the cycle.

This is a substantial update that has gone through months of testing. There is a lot going on under the hood, so be sure to read the Release Notes as there are many new and exciting features. We've also published a new Cornerstone Tour over at YouTube.


Let’s face it. Building websites is hard.

Rather, building good websites is hard.

And we should know...we've been doing it for over a decade.

What's more, we haven’t just built websites. We’ve also built the software that lets people build websites. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? :)

This perspective has given us a front row seat to the high and lows…the ups and downs…the good and bad to every single part of the web design journey. As a matter of fact:

  • We’ve individually answered over 100,000 website questions.
  • We’ve written or changed over 1,000,000 lines of website building code.
  • We’ve spent a whopping 400,000 man hours in the pursuit of better websites.

One of the most powerful takeaways we’ve learned through the past decade is that it’s not just about the tech. It’s not just about the content. It’s not even just about the product or service you're selling through your website.

The secret to a successful website is orchestrating the symphony between all of those things (plus dozens more) in just the right balance.

It’s kind of like a movie.

What happens if you have a really great story but horrible acting? Or great cinematography but awful music?

It just doesn’t work. And you don’t have to be a movie critic to see it.

The good website builders know how to strike that balance on their own. The great website builders know how to do something much easier.

In February we'll tell you what it is when we launch...


Happy New Year!