December 3, 2019

As we enter the final month of the year, we have several exciting things on the horizon.

Final Update

First off, the Pro 3.1, X 7.1, and Cornerstone 4.1 release are now live. The highlights of this cycle are the new Grid Element / Editor for Pro and a revamp of Design Cloud.

On the Grid front, this native layout option is a powerhouse unmatched in any other WordPress product. Leveraging the CSS Grid spec, Pro users can now build highly complex layouts natively. We've put together an entire series on YouTube walking you through everything from beginner to advanced strategies, so definitely check that out. If you haven't subscribed to our new YouTube channel, I highly recommend that you do. We release, on average, a new video every other day.

In Design Cloud, we have made several key changes. First, we have consolidated all demo content into Design Cloud. In X this means you have access to Sites (formerly Expanded Demos), Content Templates, and Preset Templates. In Pro you have access to Sites (a first for Pro and formerly the Expanded Demos), Header, Content, Footer, and Preset Templates.

We are also going back through our Standard Demos and planning to move over around 12 of those. Some of the layouts were getting a bit dated, however there are several that are great for getting quick layouts together leveraging some of the Stack-specific features. They will be labeled as Sites in Design Cloud and are being re-built with the latest our tech has to offer so you can hit the ground running. Be on the lookout for these around the first of the year.

New Site

We are entering the final stretches of our new site and eyeing a launch towards the end of January! That may be slightly delayed given some other product work we are doing, but it's what we are shooting for. Here is a sneak peek of a few screenshots from different parts of the site (it's intentionally vague as we can't reveal everything) ☺️


Layout Builder

Finally, work has begun on our next cycle which will bring the highly anticipated Layout Builder. The next iteration in our family of integrated builders will allow you incredible control over blogs, index pages, archives, and more. Several new Elements will be making a debut in addition to Design Cloud templates and of course a step-by-step YouTube series. It is a little early to speculate on an expected launch date, but we will know more after the first of the year.

Finishing Strong

As we enter the final month of 2019, we are full steam ahead. Our entire team remains committed to serve you with excellence at all times and in all ways, and we are most excited about the upcoming year and all that it will entail. Stay tuned for our Year in Review post around the first of the year.

I pray this season is a time of rest and refreshment with those you love. If this is an especially tough time of year, know that your friends at Themeco are here for you. Websites are great, but meaningful relationships are better. Reach out if we can be of any help, even just an ear to listen. I can be reached personally at

Until the task is done,