Say Hello to X 5.0 and Pro 1.0


Today is an exciting day. Without a doubt this release is the culmination of our most ambitious project to date and charts the course for the future of Themeco!

We are pleased to announce both an update for X (v5) and a new product called Pro (v1). Existing X customers have the option of switching to Pro for free.

Wait, What’s Happening to X?

Don’t worry, X isn’t going anywhere. Over the past three years, X has developed quite the devoted following with everyone from new bloggers to government agencies depending on it daily to power their websites. We have counted it a privilege to work with each and every customer.

It is a priority for us to strengthen that product while offering the customers who want more advanced control the option to do just that.

Takeaway: Love X and want to continue using it? You can, and it was just updated!

The Poll

Several months ago we ran a poll and discovered that approximately 40% of our customers build only one website. They are generally looking for quick, easy, and for it to just work out of the box as most of these customers are small business owners or professionals in other fields who want to build their own site but would rather not get into the nitty gritty details.

The other 60% fall in a group who primarily build sites for clients. Their main concerns are a very high degree of customizability and cutting edge features as they DO want to get into the details.

Many times, those different customer profiles can create challenges when there is one product. Too simple and it’s not giving the creative professionals the control they desire. Too many options and it’s beyond the scope of what most DIYers care to use. It’s a fair distinction, and we see an opportunity to do something about it.

Takeaway: We have two distinct customer profiles who want different features.

So, What Can You Tell Me About Pro?

Where to begin πŸ™‚

The heart of this product is about introducing several new interconnected builders and advanced features. The header and footer builders will provide you with unprecedented control over these most important parts of your site.

Instead of just giving you options, we have crafted a tool that will allow you to create all of the standard layouts in modern headers and footers in addition to many of the complex layouts that (until now) were only available in highly custom solutions.

Looking for the simple stuff like logo on the left, right, or middle? No problem. Hero images and mixing different headers/footers with different pages? Yep.

But imagine when you can create multi-sticky bars that interact with your visitors on scroll events – you know the type of functionality you see on high-end sites. All of that and more is now available natively in Pro.

We believe you should be able to build your header or footer just like you build a page. This means an entire new library of Elements from nativation to buttons to toggles to off canvas content and more. But that’s not all.

One of the biggest requests we have heard is people’s desire for more control over individual Elements. Sure it’s great to add custom CSS, HTML, and Javascript (and you still can) but what about more powerful control natively in the tool?

As a professional, this is where things will really start to click. From Flexbox controls to that ability to manipulate each Element in a truly unlimited number of ways, you will quickly discover that Pro is not just a solution with new “features,” it is a digital canvas.

Pro is unlike anything you have ever seen and yet we expect you to feel right at home the first time you use it. Sure, it will take some time to get used to the workflow (and we always recommend going through the documentation), but since we ALL want to just start using things we buy, a great deal of time was spent thinking through a connected experience that allows you to discover as you play.

This is an important part of the creative process, and was confirmed to us by many of you over a year ago.

After Cornerstone was launched, countless customers told us they flat out did not use design tools any longer. As a matter of fact, we heard it so many times that it got us thinking, ‘How can we lean into that workflow by streamlining the tools needed to both be creative and build a site?’

After seeing how people were designing natively with just our first vision of Cornerstone, we knew with the proper vision and engineering we could take that idea even further.

Takeaway: Think of Pro as a “native app” for WordPress. While still a theme, it provides an end-to-end experience for both designing and building.

Other Pro Features

There is an incredible new Font Manager for quick, site-wide management of fonts. This will allow you to update font families and weights used throughout your site in one place.

There is a slick new Color Manager (similar to fonts, but for various color palettes used throughout your site).

There are Section Dividers for creating dramatic, angled transitions from one section to another.

There is an entirely new Theme Options panel that is always just two clicks away and accessible without leaving the app.

There is our new 30-pixel friend aptly named “The Bar” that will help you get to ANY part of your site building experience.

There are Keyboard Shortcuts for our power users and contextual help in the app as you’re using it.

And of course there are the new Header and Footer Builders with advanced, native controls (plus much more).

For Pro, you will no longer need or use Cornerstone. What you formerly knew as Cornerstone is now just a small part of Pro (the content builder) with all of these interconnected builders being native, lean, and optimized for performance. You should not have any issues with Cornerstone elements or templates when switching from X to Pro – they will continue to work.

For X, you will continue to use the standalone version of Cornerstone as you always have – included with every X purchase.

Takeaway: There are many advanced features in Pro including a family of interconnected builders.

Presets & Templates

These are two buzz words you’ll hear a lot in Pro (soon in X), so we’d like to take a quick second to explain what this means.

Think of Presets as the style kit to your Elements. With so many new design and layout controls, Presets allow those configurations to be saved and quickly applied with the click of a mouse.

For the 1.0 of Pro you can only used the provided presets and templates, however one of our first major features that is already in the works is a completely new templating system that will allow you to create, export, and even sell your own Presets and Templates (more info on that a little later).

This library interface will be universal so it will be the same experience whether you are using X or Pro allowing you to re-use all your “stuff.”

We are in talks with many in the community about also streamlining the use of approved 3rd party tools that will further enhance your X or Pro experience while not sacrificing on stability or the user experience.

Takeaway: This is a powerful tool with many professional features.

X or Pro: The Choice is Yours

What does all this mean for you? Choice! Choice as to which product you would like to use for which project. Choice as to whether you want to stay on the X path or whether you’re ready for Pro. Either way, our commitment to you remains the same: quality products, world-class support, and an overall experience that is second to none.

X will continue to be sold at ThemeForest – on sale for a limited time – and we are pleased to announce a 5.0 update. Pro is sold through us, and we are pleased to announce the 1.0 release of this powerful new product. Both X and Pro will continue to be updated, supported, and further developed.

You can switch any current X licenses to Pro for free (or not, decision is up to you), and we have a detailed article covering all the important details below.

Takeaway: These are distinct products. You can switch for free or continue using X.

Will Switching from X to Pro Break My Site?

In most circumstances, no. If you elect to switch your current license/site from X to Pro, we have built an entire system to automatically help with the process.

With that said, there ARE things that can happen in an update that are completely outside of our control and there ARE a couple of steps we have outlined if you have done heavy customizations to your X site that you will need to be aware of prior to switching and in order to insure a seamless transition.

Please know that we do detailed and extensive testing internally and with hundreds of beta testers prior to a release, but even with that there will be issues.

Imagine iPhone updates where customers could change the operating system in addition to the normal bugs and issues that come with software. This can be vastly complex to solve and frankly is impossible to take care of all use cases since customers have so much control over the code.

What we can commit to you is that we will work with you as fast as humanely possible to sort out any issues that may arise (and we have a new paid service linked out to below if you’d like us to take care of the update for you).

If you are going to do it yourself be absolutely certain that you have a backup of your site BEFORE upgrading and that you have read our step-by-step article referenced further down this page.

Takeaway: Make sure you have a backup, but switching should be smooth.

How Can I Try It Out?

We have provided a provisional license of Pro in your Themeco account dashboard for testing (bottom of page). Feel free to play around and familiarize yourself with all the new options. You can not validate this provisional license, install Extensions, or get updates. It is only for testing purposes in a local environment or test site. From there you have two options:

  • Option 1: Convert current X license(s) to Pro for free. Converting the license in your Themeco account will not affect your live site, it is purely an administrative process. It IS a one-way street however, so make sure you want to use Pro and that you have read the upgrade article referenced below as it explains the process after switching your license.
  • Option 2: Keep old sites on X and start building new sites on either X or Pro. You will still need a unique license for each project as always.

Takeaway: Play around with Pro first before making the decision. There is no right or wrong choice.

What Is The Main Difference Between X and Pro

Pro includes many advanced features starting with native header, content, and footer builders. In addition there is a color manager, an efficient new way to manage CSS, flexbox controls, and a true “app-like” experience that is native, fast, and built to be a workhorse.

X includes more opinionated design options that allow for quick prototyping through features like our Expanded Demos. These demos recreate the exact look of what you see including all pages, text, sliders, images, etc and are exclusively available in X (with several new ones in V5).

These are distinct products that cater to varying customer needs and preferences. As such, we do not recommend one over the other nor do we think you have to only use one product or the other. As many of our customers are creative professionals, this ultimately means an option based on the needs and budget of the project. Either way, we’ll support you every step of the way.

If you are interested to work with Pro, you’ve made the right choice! If you are interested to work with X, you’ve made the right choice!

Takeaway: Pro is not better than X, it is different.

Are You Phasing Out X?

No. Let me make this abundantly clear and in no uncertain terms: this is not a strategy to phase out, give up on, forget about, or do anything else even remotely negative related to our flagship product. Quite the contrary, actually.

Think of it like a push mower and a riding mower. Suppose you were in the market for a push mower and weren’t really that interested in mowers themselves, you just knew that you needed one.

Imagine that the lawn care place told you that instead of a push mower what you really needed was a riding mower. Because after all it’s faster, better, and can cut grass faster!

But what happens if you have a small yard? A riding mower not only wouldn’t be appropriate, think what you would say if someone tried to tell you this was what you needed?

Now imagine that the company offered you a hybrid, push/riding mower. That would solve everyone’s needs, right?

Sure, that’s an option. But I’m guessing you already know what happens in the long run. Both the people who just need a push mower and the people who need a riding lawn mower are sacrificing functionality because one product is trying to be all things to all people.

We would rather that not be the case for our customers and products. Instead of making just one product and telling both groups to sacrifice their needs, we would rather uniquely cater to both segments with products that either can use.

We love creative professionals who obsess over pixel perfect layouts just as much as we love the DIYer who just needs something quality at an affordable price. We also love the DIYer who wants to become a creative professional and is simply looking for the right mix of product, community, and support to help them on their way.

So can a creative professional use X? Absolutely…they already do! Can a DIYer use Pro? 100%. It may take more time to learn, but ultimately the decision is now in their hands.

On our end, we have a clear vision and roadmap with a growing development team who wake up every day passionate about websites and the people who need them.

Takeaway: Don’t buy a hybrid push/riding mower.

Learning Curve

If you opt to go the Pro route, keep in mind there is a LOT of power so be prepared to play around, do some reading, brush up on you terminologies (especially Flexbox), and remember we’re here to help.

In many ways, we view the support our development team provides as our best β€œtheme feature.” We understand people come into site building from lots of different backgrounds and with lots of different goals.

Our team is standing by to assist with any questions you may have, but please also make sure you have first read the changelog for this release and any additional changelogs these first few weeks after release as we expect there to be several.

Takeaway: There is always a bit of a learning curve, and we’re here to help.

Future Development Timeline

There will most likely be several updates these first few weeks to address bugs and small improvements. This is normal and expected when something of this magnitude goes live.

Feature wise, the two biggest ticket items we are building next for X and Pro are the revamped templating system referenced above and V2 Elements. You can think of V2 Elements as the advanced controls you see in Pro but for all “page building” Elements in both X and Pro plus new Elements. There are many other items, but those are two of the biggest.

Our changelog includes detailed notes about everything you need to know from a technical point of view so be sure to read through that as many times as needed.

Takeaway: There will be bugs. We will squash them. Mankind will prevail.

Quick Note on Naming

If you are referring to the X Theme, please refer to that as β€œX” from now on. If you are referring to the Pro Theme, please refer to that as β€œPro.”

If you see someone confused, please help them out so we can all be on the same page with the naming. It may take a little while as not everyone will update at once.

Takeaway: Either way, we’re all Themeco πŸ™‚

Final Thoughts

Whether it is your 500th license of your first, our entire team is thankful for the opportunity to serve you and your business. We are committed to keeping you on the cutting edge of website creation – in WordPress or beyond – through a product and service line that allows you to work faster and smarter…all backed by your friends at Themeco.

There has also been a lot of pent up demand for these features so please remember a) you need to determine if this type of control is right for you and b) your patience as we work through initial bugs will be rewarded. With our roadmap and your feedback, these products have very exciting days ahead!

There are many more announcements coming soon (including a full explanation of what this mysterious “Apex” is that you may have heard about), so even though this stage is complete it ultimately just marks the beginning of the next phase.

We are in the process of rebuilding our community site and forums, and we look forward to sharing that with you when it is ready. Our primary goal is to modernize all communication systems and curate the support topics better so you can quickly find answers to your questions and connect with our staff/others in the community.

I’d like to end by sending a very heartfelt thank-you to Kory Wakefield and Alexander Rohmann, the lead developers of this project. They have put in an inordinate amount of work, including many late nights and weekends to bring this new vision to life.

To their wives, children, family, and friends – thank-you for graciously sharing your quality time with these quality men.

To the future,


Pro – Overview of all the new features in Pro. Existing X license holders can convert for free or stay using X – both products will continue to be developed and supported. There is a trial license in your Themeco account to test Pro as converting your license is a one-way process and cannot be undone. You should not have any site issues switching from X to Pro, but do make sure you read the changelog and conversion articles below.

How to Convert from X to Pro – Detailed article covering everything you need to know. Or you can sit back and relax while we take care of it for you from just $99 (must be logged into Themeco account). Note: The update itself is free. The $99 is an optional, paid service where we do the update on your site. If you are updating your own site DO NOT do so without a backup first. Things can and do go wrong.

Pro Tutorials – There are many new articles on the Knowledge Base under the Pro section heading. We are also going to be adding many new Q/A articles to the Knowledge Base in the coming weeks based on frequently asked support questions for both X and Pro. These will all be searchable and on-demand.

Changelog – We expect several updates these first few weeks to address bugs and improvements, so make sure you visit the Changelog for all technical notes related to X (v5) and Pro (v1). You are more than welcome to hold off on updating until the dust settles.

Version Compatibility – This page on our Knowledge Base lists the latest supported version of all of Themeco products, Extensions, and integrated plugins. Get to know it well and reference this if you are curious when support for a particular version of a plugin is live.

180 Comments on “Say Hello to X 5.0 and Pro 1.0”

  1. Andy Bee

    Fantastic news and I love the strategy you’re embracing. I think it’s a very clever route to take and also great for your customer base too. I do have one question that I can’t see written above.

    When will there be updates to the blog system? It’s been the thorn with X in my opinion and something that the competition does so much better out of the box. Will we be getting an ability to choose different blog index page and posting options out of the box in the near future?

    1. Themeco

      Hey Andy,

      This was a very important structural move tech foundation, and we do have a list of other features we can build upon now. As a matter of fact, the builders you see in Pro are the foundation for builders we are exploring in other areas.

      1. Andy Bee

        Excellent. I’m excited to be part of this journey with you. Look forward to the bog options so I can retain a little hair on my head πŸ™‚

  2. Hardik


    Congratulations for this amazing accomplishment. You’ve totally bulldozed the competition.

    2 questions:

    Is it acceptable to have one license as Pro and another as X?

    Is it safe to say in a nut shell that Everything in X (incl. Cornerstone) + additional flexibility perks = Pro


    1. Themeco

      Hi Hardik,

      Thank-you, sir!

      1. You are more than welcome to use X on some sites and Pro on others – the choice is up to you!

      2. Pro is more of an application based tool that includes a network of interconnected builders and advanced features (you can see a full list of all the Pro features here).

  3. Premier Web

    We can’t wait! Our biggest frustration with X so far has been having to manually code the headers we want for our clients. Even with that, we still use X on every new site we build now and moving forward this hopefully won’t be an issue at all with the new builder system. I’ve got a new site I’m scheduled to start tomorrow. Can’t wait to dig into the update.

    1. Themeco

      Glad to hear it! This will completely transform the types of headers and footers you can build for clients (in addition to all of the other advanced features).

  4. Chris

    Epic! Wonderful. All my licenses will be to pro for sure.

    Have you updated the structural possibilities for mobile anything? Like two column on mobile for example? That was my biggest concern up till now. πŸ˜€

    1. Themeco

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for writing in! Here’s a quick rundown of where things are and where they’re headed:

      1. Our brand new Header and Footer Builders in Pro are powered by CSS flexbox layouts, which can allow you to do some very unique layouts, without even needing to specify media queries. It’s a little tough to explain without seeing it live (which is possible taking a look at our “Columns” footer template in Pro), but flexbox layouts can be setup in a way to sort of “listen and respond” dynamically to the overall dimensions of their container, and reflow as needed.
      2. We absolutely have plans with our v2 elements (for the Content builder) to contain a new grid, which will allow people to specify columns and how they should behave on different screen sizes.
      3. We also have plans to allow people to overwrite the static breakpoints currently set in the theme to better match your project.

      So as for right now, what you’re specifically asking for isn’t directly applicable in the Content builder, but there are some unique beginnings you can experiment with in the Header and Footer builders of Pro, which will be expanded upon in the Content builder down the road.


  5. Philip

    Hi guys,
    wow, you have a lot going on at the moment.

    Can I just ask, the main thing I have been waiting on for X was the header (and footer) builder. Am I reading correctly above, they are only available in Pro now?

    Thank you,

      1. Philip

        yeah, you made that perfectly clear many times throughout the article.

        My question though was can I have the long promised header and footer builders with X?

        X is the one for me, not Pro, I don’t have the time or the inclination to switch, this is the first I have heard of having to migrate to a different theme to get the builders. Surely you knew this months ago and could have said sooner, during all those comments where they (the builders) were just around the cormer.


        1. Themeco

          No, that is the point of the distinction. If you want the new family of builders and advanced features you would convert to Pro. The switch itself is more or less just like an update so there is nothing to migrate.


  6. Joel

    First; awesome work people!

    When will the Pro theme will be launched? Or in other words, how much time left for me to buy a regular license to convert into a pro-license. Because I’m about to buy one for a client.

  7. Charles

    Holly molly, can’t wait to see all that good stuff in action ! Congrats to all the team, that’ s an awesome product you got here !

    1. Themeco

      No ma’am. There are built-in templates and presets that are a demo of sorts, and soon you will soon be able to make your own in Pro (first big feature).

      1. Steve Wilkinson

        Hi there, I assume if a site was built in X, based on a demo initially… the current state will come across to Pro? (testing is good, of course!)

        If I’m understanding correctly, this would just impact starting from scratch, as the old ‘demo’ system is different than the new ‘templates and presets’ correct?

        We’re not losing functionality (ie: demos), but losing that (old) library in Pro until a new library of Pro specific ‘demo’ content is built up?

        1. Themeco

          Hi Steve,

          Correct, you can move an X site over to Pro that used a demo (testing first is always a safe bet).

          We are not going to be adding any demos to Pro however, that will remain a unique feature of X.

          Pro does have it’s own “demo” system of sorts with the built-in templates and presets.


  8. TLC for Coaches

    Wow, this is pretty exciting. Christmas came early this year! Looking forward playing with this new update on new builds for clients and on our own site – which was the very first we tried X on over 2 years ago! The biggest things for us were layout constraints and not being able to simply choose from a set of blog layouts. Sounds like those have been or will be addressed. The header and footer editors look great. Flexbox looks pretty incredible. Wonderful work to all involved with this. Also extremely pleased to hear you’re not phasing out the original X or support for it. You guys have raised the bar. Again.


  9. Daniel DeHart

    Congrats! I just upgraded a new site I am working on to 5.0 and none of the new extended demos are available. Am I doing something wrong? When I click on Overview I see that it says I am running 5.0 but none of the new demos.

    1. Themeco

      Hey Daniel,

      A member of our development team will be happy to help on the Support page in your Themeco account.


  10. Kimon

    Wow! My mind is in overdrive about the possibilities!
    Thank you.

    A question about ecommerce/woo-commerce. Will we have (either now or in the future) more capabilities to layout the store and product pages?

    1. Themeco

      You’re most welcome, Kimon!

      This update will allow you a LOT of new customizations for your shop headers, footers, and carts. We have some beginnings of ideas for future shop features but it would be a little too early to speculate at this time.

  11. Ton in 't Veld

    Hi guys,

    I’m so glad that you have chosen for this strategy (X and Xpro). I now have 5 sites built on X and I was really scared for this announced ‘major update’ with all kind of problems for a 70 years old amateur web builder :-). But I’m sure I will use Xpro for my next big project. Let me tell you that I’m impressed by the patient support you gave me since I bought my first license a year or so ago. And by the helpful and professional fans on the Facebook page. Their enthusiasm is the best proof that you built a wonderful product. I know it’s your job, I know you make a living of it, but it’s evident you all love X and Xpro. And love for what you do is the recipe for success. Thanks guys. And sleep well the next weeks πŸ™‚

    1. Themeco

      Great sentiments, Ton…thank-you very much! They are very encouraging to our entire (sleepy) team πŸ™‚

  12. Tom

    Really great news! Looking forward to moving to XPro. As always, customer service and forward thinking vision shines above the competition.

    While I realize you don’t have an official Facebook group, with this new launch I’d love to see create and manage an official FB group. The “unofficial” group is managed by a bunch of intolerant despots, who haven’t the slightest concern for administering a group. Myself and a number of other developers who’ve made significant contributions to the group, including a very popular developer, Steve Woody, were blocked from the group for voicing our opinions on the Admins behavior.
    IMO,’s brand exudes quality and service as a priority, neither of which are being served with the current regime managing that group “for” unofficially.
    Perhaps, with this new launch it’s time to secure the FB channel with an official group, managed by your own staff, that shares the same dedication to service and quality.

    1. Themeco

      Hey Tom,

      Very much appreciate the kind words about X, Pro, and Themeco in general.

      I’m sorry to hear of the issues you had with the user run group on FB. Generally speaking we hear really positive comments from fellow users who want to connect on FB, and we’re thankful for anyone who wants to take of their time to support others in the community.

      We do have a large contingent of customers who don’t like/want to interact on FB (they tell us often) πŸ™‚ and we are thinking through some options for how we may do that. If we can ever be of any further assistance, feel free to reach out anytime!

      1. J.

        Hey there,

        If you’d like a really great example of a great support system and community software, take a look at how WPMU DEV does it. Their community and support software are amazing. Gamified with points and levels and all that.

      2. Steve Wilkinson

        Yes, heh…. PLEASE don’t make support FB based! πŸ™‚ I’m glad that group is there, and it’s been helpful/fun at times, but Facebook is about the most horrific ‘forum’ environment ever devised by humans. (Unless you live on it 24×7, it’s pretty much useless.)

        As for what system to use, that’s a big decision, I’m sure. But, as someone who has been using on-line forums since before the Internet was… look back to some of the traditional platforms and BBSs, at least in terms of how UI and notifications work.

        I’m not sure why social media and support forums and such can’t even seem to capture what was done right already back in the ’90s.

  13. Ronald

    Congrats Theme Co on Pro release! Thank you for your being generous offer for existing X customers have the option of switching to Pro for free.

    You’ve mentioned in option 1: Converting X to Pro “It IS a one-way street”

    Q1. Will our converted Pro license get lifetime updates/upgrades like the X current license have? (Since you selling the Pro directly to you)

    Q2. With Pro’s lots of options to do customisations, does it mean I don’t have to use CSS Hero anymore?


    1. Themeco

      Hi Ronald,

      Thank-you…and you’re welcome πŸ™‚

      1. Yes.
      2. That would ultimately be your decision, but Pro brings a whole new level of native customization options.


  14. Ronald Surya

    Does the option to convert to Pro for free have an expiration date? Can we choose to convert or license when we’re ready in the future?


    1. Themeco

      No expiration, take your time. Any licenses purchased prior to today have the option to converted at your convenience and if you want to (not required to).


  15. Charlie Pryor

    Oh man, I’ve got so many video tutorials to make now… What have you done!? You’ve filled my work schedule for at least a few weeks now. πŸ˜›

    Awesome work you guys! I’ll be playing around with this a LOT.

  16. Keith

    Where do I download the Pro installation file? Have done the license upgrade, but can’t find the link anywhere to download it.

    1. Themeco

      Hi Keith,

      Once you have converted your license from X to Pro, you can download the theme files on the homepage of your Themeco dashboard.


  17. Michael Collinson

    Amazing release guys, congrats to you all. One question, if I have a site developed with a child theme in X, how do you I migrate that to Pro? Do you have specific child theme files for it, as you do with X?

    1. Themeco

      Thank-you, Michael! We are going to be releasing a child theme for Pro later today. It will most likely be on the current Child Themes page in your Themeco dashboard (if not there, it will be added to the Knowledge Base under the appropriate section).

    1. Themeco


      We’ve got a lot of documentation for Pro on our Knowledge Base currently under the “Pro” section heading. We may add some video tutorials in the future, but most users prefer to go through something they can read and see screenshots about as opposed to having to play/pause a video.


      1. Charlie Pryor

        I disagree wholeheartedly — but I’d prefer you didn’t make them actually… because your lack of video is a huge part of my business (training people on using your developments).

        πŸ™‚ #opportunist

        1. Themeco

          I would expect you to disagree πŸ™‚ By a wide margin, customers have expressed they prefer tutorials with screenshots unless it is an overview/tour type. For those looking for the first in our video tutorials on Pro, you can check out the first two on our KB under the Pro section.

  18. Nuno

    Well done! Will it possible to easily add blog headers now? πŸ™‚
    Also, since Pro will be sold separately from Theme Forest, will you have some affiliates program?


    1. Themeco

      Thanks, Nuno!

      Yes, you can add unique headers to your blog, shop, anywhere! We are considering an affiliate/referral program for down the road.


      1. Nuno

        I’ve made a mistake in my question… I mean, can you add banners to the blog? If yes, how can we do it? πŸ™‚

    1. Themeco

      Hi Steven,

      Please first check for plugin conflicts, and if that is not solving it open a ticket on the support tab of your Themeco account, and a member of our team will be happy to take a look. If you are using a 3rd party plugin called Cornerstone Modal there is a known bug with that plugin that the owner has already fixed, and you’ll need to get the files directly from them.


  19. David


    Great that there is a new update. To bad it broke the menu of my live website

    I have made a support ticket, however the connected e-mail adres is i already tried to change it 10 times, but it refuses to change my e-mail. Since the new support system is by e-mail, i will never recieve the responce by your support team.

    Can someone please help me out?

    1. Themeco

      Hi David,

      There is a bug with that email field that is being fixed as we speak. In the interim, if you would please contact us directly, we can touch base with you that way. Please note the bug is only for people who are trying to change their email address after posting a support ticket – for 99% of people the support page is working just as it should so support requests should still go there and the bug preventing an email from being able to be updated will be fixed in short order.


    1. Themeco

      Hi Kaspar,

      Thank-you, sir!

      If you are talking about something related to the 3.0 version of WC, we haven’t added official support for that yet, but it is on the way. If you need anything further by way of support, please open a ticket on the support tab of your Themeco account, and a member of our team will be happy to assist you there.


  20. Norm

    I logged on to WP dashboard, saw an plug-in update for cornerstone. Updated the plug-in, and now I cannot access my WP dashboard. I get a “Fatal error: Call to undefined function csl18n() in /home/thepla35/public_html/ on line 8.”

    While I can view my website and have the header shown because I am logged into WP, I cannot get to dashboard nor can I log out due to this error.

    I submitted a ticket to support but since you are only doing email responses their is no way to edit the initial ticket entered.

    While I understand there will be bugs, I am completely shutdown in updating this ministry’s content with latest teachings. Very frustrating.

    1. Themeco

      Hi Norm,

      That link is from the use of a 3rd party plugin, so if there is an error it is due to something wrong with that plugin. If that is the plugin developed by Steve Woody, you will need to get the latest version from him as there was something he patched. Please also keep in mind that anytime an update is made we always recommend first having a backup so you can quickly restore if something goes wrong – in this case, due to a 3rd party plugin.


      1. David G. Johnson

        We’re actually receiving the same error message, but it’s coming from some code that we added to our child theme’s `functions.php` file that came from a support topic for X/Cornerstone.

        Does the `csl18n` function no longer exist? Is there, perhaps, a replacement function we should reference instead?


        1. Themeco

          Hi David,

          A member of our development team would need to provide specific guidance on the Support tab of your Themeco account.


        2. Stefan

          my site did only load the header – no content.

          i had to reinstall the child theme as csl18n in the functions.php was called for. csl18n error, error and internal server error 500 went away and everything loaded again nicely.


  21. Steve Goldberg

    You mentioned above that mobile responsiveness is being looked in the future.

    My followup question …

    1) Does the flexbox option only pertain to header / footer elements?
    2) If Yes – will flexbox be available to sitewide – to all elements?


    1. Themeco

      Hi Steve,

      For right now, it’s only utilized in the new header/footer elements, and it is kind of used “behind the scenes” on the body tag when using left/right bars to get the positioning and allow for people to dynamically show/hide those bars as needed and have content fill the necessary leftover space. For the future, we will take things on an element by element basis and determine how we will implement flexbox layouts.


  22. Michel

    I’m completely new to the x-theme, I just watched some tutorials. I wanted to start with the X-theme, so I went to themeforest to buy it, then I saw the sale and after some google, I found this blog.
    You say, that: “As long as you registered your X license prior to the launch of Pro, you can convert your license at no additional charge.”
    Whats for people like me, whats smarter, buy the normal x-theme now, how much do we have to pay for upgrade to x-pro? Or is it better to directly use x-pro?

    1. Themeco

      Hey Michel,

      Thank-you for buying X and welcome! Your options at this point would be two fold. 1) You can continue to use your shiny new X license and build your site. 2) You can convert your license to Pro if you want those features and pay the difference in cost (all managed on the licenses page in your Themeco account once you have registered for access).

      Ultimately the choice is up to you based on the features you are looking for. Let us know if you need anything further!

      1. Michel

        Thanks for your reply. I haven’t bought the x-theme yet, I just wanted to ask first, if I have any disadventage, if I buy the normal x-theme first. Is the difference in cost to upgrade from x to x-pro equal to directly buy the x-pro?

  23. Piotr

    I want to convert my X license to PRO and and I don`t have “GO PRO FREE” button but “GO PRO: $30”.
    How can I upgrade my X license to PRO for free?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Themeco

      Hi Piotr,

      You can convert X licenses purchased prior to the launch of Pro for free. Any purchased after will require the conversion fee if you elect to convert X to Pro.


    1. Themeco

      Yep, works with both so we wouldn’t recommend one or the other it would ultimately be based on which feature set you wanted for the project.


  24. Jeff

    Looks great! I don’t see an integration option for Aweber in regards to Email Forms. This is surprising to me. Are there any plans of adding this integration?

    1. Themeco

      Hi Jeff,

      Possibly if we get enough interest from customers. Feel free to pass on any feature requests via the Support page in your Themeco account.


  25. Jared

    Love it, y’all. Been waiting and digging it. One question: where did the custom CSS tab in the customizer go?

    1. Themeco

      Hey Jared,

      Thanks for the kind words! You’ll want to check out the “New Theme Options Panel” section of the Changelog as it explains the new panel.


  26. Jade

    Incredible guys – you have made fantastic decisions in the way you have separated the products out and I can’t wait to dig into all the new features.

    One thing that I find is a great selling point for X is how easy it is for clients to edit things themselves. I will try out XPro on my agency site first, but am sure it will be a breeze just as with Cornerstone.

    I have one question about Schema. I remember talk that ways to add Schema would be included with the new version. Is this built into X and X-Pro, one only, or is it something that will come later and if so to both? Could you please provide some details – thanks!

    1. Themeco

      Hi Abd,

      There are no demos in Pro, however there are built-in Templates and Presets that are a demo of sorts but specific to the Pro product. Our Expanded Demos are unique to X.


      1. Abd Ur Rehman

        I didn’t get notification of your comments. Why? I really need those demos. I have 2 licenses and converted theme to Pro without knowing this. Can I revert 1 to X?

        1. Themeco

          Hmm, not sure…it might be something with your email provider. While demos are not included as explained above the templating system in Pro is how “demos” will work in this product. Once a license is converted to Pro it is a one way street (hence all the warnings/messages you are prompted with when you go through the conversion process).

          1. Abd Ur Rehman

            Okay. I got that but still didn’t receive any notification about this comment. I have checked my spam/junk nothing there. Came back here to check your comments. Why notifications aren’t coming to me about comments?

  27. Jeffery Clark

    Proving yet again why X and Themeco are the absolute best in the business!

    Right now the main site is just about ready to open registrations for its big conference in July, so it’s not the time to migrate just yet! I need a time machine!

  28. Jonny Kango

    Hi Guys,
    I am sure you have been asked this but can I use X if I convert the licence to pro? I would like to develop and test pro in a subdomain without affecting the live site for the client?

    Great work, by the way, bit of a learning curve but got my head round the headers and new features in less than a day!


    1. Themeco

      Thrilled to hear that, Jonny! It really is a powerful tool once you start to get used to the workflow.

      It won’t affect your live site if you convert the license to Pro, so you’re good on that front.

  29. Alejandro

    Your launch timing couldn’t have been more perfect, i just have a few sites to redesign and i’m totally going to do it with the brand new pro.

    I introduced your company to a couple of colleagues and we’re now going to team up to make awesome things (i’m a front-end developer and my friends are a graphic designer focused on web design and a back-end developer), you have already made our life (and our projects) super easy!

    Congratulations guys, you’re being top-notch as always!

    1. Themeco

      Thank-you, Alejandro! Sounds like a great plan…we look forward to partnering with you all along the journey!

  30. Morr Meroz

    Completely broke my site, header became transparent, the name of the site appeared above the logo (though it should have been hidden when using a graphic logo), all the social icons in the top bar got weirded out, all my cornerstone pages were ruined (I’ve been using multiple different sections for different devices, disabling and enabling some for mobile and some for desktop, but that stopped working and instead showed all sections on all devices), and I just couldn’t fix any of these issued. Had to scour the web for an older version, found one, deleted X 5 and installed 4.4… Scariest 10 minutes I had all year.

    1. Themeco

      Hi Morr,

      This is exactly why we say to always have a backup of your site before doing any update – it is always good to have a staging environment for testing purposes (and never test an update on a live site if it is an important site). If you need anything further, a member of our team will be happy to take a look!

  31. DF

    congratulations themeco
    i have pre purchase que ?
    if i buy x theme from themeforest for $39 now
    am i getting free conversion to pro in that $39 or i have to pay $69 to switch pro.

    1. Themeco

      Thank-you, DF!

      If you elect to convert an X license in the future, you would simply pay the difference between the two.


  32. Colorado Lodging Pro

    I can’t wait to purchase this. The initial X is awesome. Thanks for being a leader in website building and support. To many other companies don’t even come close to your expanding innovation that you bestow to us for Free on X.

  33. Craig Allan Teich

    Very exciting! We’ve been waiting with great anticipation for this release, and like with the Cornerstone release, the wait has been well worth it.

    We’ve now converted our first site to Pro with not a single issue. Adjusting the style.css settings for the XPro template was easy. The hardest part of the whole process was finding from where to download a copy of X-Pro.

    We’ve only begun to play with the new features, but so far everything is easy and intuitive. Looking forward to diving in deep with the Header and Footer builders.

    Great job, Themeco!

    Only one question / comment: I was a bit surprised to see that the Stacks function survived into X-Pro. If you could provide a bit of insight into that decision, we’d be interested to hear.

    Keep up the great work, and can’t wait to see how the Templates and Pre-Sets work.


    1. Themeco

      Awesome, Craig! Exactly what we love to hear!!

      And good question on the Stacks front. It’s a little premature for us to discuss it fully yet, but we are exploring the concept of a “Stack” being something you can actually create on your own in Pro once the features you see in the Header and Footer builders make it to the Content builder. There’s actually several things that have to happen first in addition to our Template/Preset manager, but it will allow for some really interesting options in the future.

      A big thanks for the continued business, and thanks for letting us know everything went smoothly!

    1. Themeco

      Hey Jonathan,

      Not at this time, my friend. It’s very high on the list though and we already have the infrastructure work in place.


  34. Doug

    Thank you for making an option available that gets me away from Envato. Cheers to that! Also, when do you plan to offer a developer license option?

        1. Themeco

          It’s worked well for us to date, and it allows customers to not be locked into recurring fees for updates and support. We’re keeping our eyes open though and may explore other options in the future.

  35. Karthik

    Awesome, can’t wait to try the header builder. I’m going to convert one of my licenses to XPro to play around first before I go all in. However, is there a deadline before which I should upgrade my licenses?


  36. Manish

    Contact Form 7 integration breaks the site and scatter the page. Footer just comes on top right where contact form is added, whereas as other places its good at bottom itself.

    1. Themeco

      Hi Manish,

      Please direct any support requests to the support page in your Themeco account, and a member of our team will be happy to help you there!

    1. Themeco

      Hi Alfredo,

      Please keep up with our Changelogs especially these first couple weeks, or if you’d like to wait until the dust settles from the launch window you can do that as well. Either way, we always recommend having a backup of your site in case an issue arises on update.


  37. Yshankar

    I am newbie to WordPress and fortunately have a built a good website using X. So a few questions re: pro…I really like the futures of Pro..but before I convert have a few questions….sorry some of these might be basic questions….

    1. I am using the integrity stack. So when I upgrade to Pro what happens to my current theme. Do I have to build from scratch ? Do I lose stuff ? Will there be compatibility issues ?

    2. I have only one license. If I convert to Pro and use the license in my staging environment..then can my production site still function without the valid key. How will this work?

    3. Looks like cornerstone is not there in Pro…so is there an equivalent tool to build the site.



    1. Themeco

      Hi Yogi,

      1) We have created a conversion process to handle everything if you elect to go from X to Pro.

      2) Nothing has changed with regards to production/development licensing.

      3) We cover that in the article above.


  38. Chidi

    This latest development in the X ecosystem is anything but awesome!
    Great Work guys!
    Just upgraded one of my X licenses to Xpro.
    Already taking it on a test run. and the power in this is just freaking awesome!! Awesome!!! Awesome!!!!!
    Sorry. Got carried away there.
    Now a quick question: Can one be able (Now or maybe in near future) use Xpro to say design a client site and then just export the whole job to a client site running on X?

    1. Themeco

      Thanks Chidi, glad you are enjoying your time with Pro!

      With regards to X or Pro, it’s a decision you need to make prior to building the site as you can convert a site from X to Pro but not the other way around.

  39. nolan plant

    Sounds great, but at first glance, it’s a bit of a bummer. Seems like you’re solving things that can already be achieved with a little css. Give us stuff that moves the dial! I’d like to see you guys find clever ways to leverage the wordpress REST API that makes X load seamlessly and run faster!! Focus on the UX of the shopping funnels with woocommerce! Mobile optimized or single page checkouts! Regardless still stoked to hear you guys are making moves.


    1. Themeco

      Hey Nolan,

      It sounds like you haven’t looked at the product as there is a whole heck of a lot more going on than just what you can do with CSS πŸ™‚ I’d also encourage you to checkout the full update as some of the other items you mentioned were addressed in this release.


  40. Bogdan Odulinski

    So it looks like the ability to ‘import’ the various demo themes available in 5.0 is not available in 1.0.

    Based on this, it may make sense to start on 5.x, import the starter demo theme, and then switch to 1.x

    Any plans to bring the import feature into 1.x?


    1. Themeco

      Hi Bogdan,

      That is correct, demos are not going to be a feature in Pro. There is a different system in Pro using a combination of Templates and Presets whereas in X you can use the standard or expanded demos.


  41. Flaviu

    I want to add the Gravatar image to the header once the user logs into my membership site. Is this possible with the new header on Pro?

  42. Nick

    Hello there,

    I cant see the new header-builder . I was verry interested when i see the video
    from 1 hour lenght in the member area.

    can you guys help me how to see the header builder.

    kind regards,


    1. Themeco

      Hey Nick,

      Glad you are enjoying the video! Several more were added to the Pro section of the Knowledge Base so be sure to check those out at your convenience.


  43. Morpheus

    WHAM! I went straight to Pro as I am 100% sure this will shock & awe me.
    X was already the single best WP theme available and now convert to Pro for free?

    Keep on this development track guys, it’s breathtakingly good!

  44. Adame Dahmani


    Looks interesting.

    I’m a long-term Divi user. Unfortunately, things didn’t evolve at the rate I wished for.

    I’ve been eying X for a while now. Seeing you guys actively working on the original X, the great built-in plugins lineup, and pushing now the Pro… it makes me feel like I’ve bet on the wrong horse.

    I guess it’s the right time to make a switch.

    Do you plan to have any multisite license for Pro?

    1. Themeco

      Hey Adame,

      We don’t have a multisite license at this time (we do have discounts for future purchases). Let us know if you need anything further!

  45. Mo

    Congratulations to X Theme Team this is a step forward caught every one by surprise Hey!
    I am not professional or specialist in themes. I have nothing to do with in any way or shape except being a customer. the Pro was a bit hard not knowing where to start from and what will I do next, but after a few trays I started to find out my way in.
    I am actually enjoying working with Pro and also find-out is limitless what I can do with it.
    “If you don’t ask for help you will never discover what is under the shell of Pro”.

    1. Themeco

      Love hearing that, Mo! Welcome to the family!! Be sure to check out the many video tutorials and articles for Pro on our KB.

  46. David

    Hi there,

    I purchased 2 lincenses. One is offering to change to Pro for free and the other one not (more exactly, for an amount). Why is the reason?


  47. Tim


    I purchased X 2 days after this message yet noticed the license is not available for free upgrade to PRO.

    Couldn’t find your cut off date for upgrade. Is the upgrade cutoff date 3 days prior to my purchase?

    thank you

  48. xpil

    So I switched from X Pro 1.1.0 to Pro 1.1.0 and everything works fine except that I lost all the custom CSS code I had set up in X Pro.

    It is not the end of the world but I suggest putting more emphasis on this in your documentation. I.e. highlight the necessity of manually copying and pasting custom CSS rules between X Pro and Pro during the switch.

    1. Themeco

      Fair point. If you were using a child theme that wouldn’t have been an issue, but if you are using the native code editors it’s something to keep in mind.

  49. Brandon

    Hi… is there a countdown to make the choice of free upgrade to pro or i can wait as much as i want to make the decision ?

  50. Alex

    I’m confused about Pro. You say, “Pro is more of an application based tool that includes a network of interconnected builders and advanced features.”

    But that sounds a lot like X. Does Pro simply take everything X has, then adds additional features?

    Are there any demo templates or layouts given as part of Pro? Or do I have to build everything from scratch with Pro?

    I know there are demo layouts I can import for X, and I’m hoping to do the same with Pro, but then get extra features that only Pro provides. Thanks!

    1. Themeco

      Hi Alex,

      The tech powering Pro is very different from X which is why we refer to it more as an application starting with the header and footer builders which are unique to Pro. There are no demos in Pro either although there is a template feature (and a new template manager that is in the works allowing for easy exporting of templates you create). You can think of templates as a type of demo but unique to Pro. Let us know if you need anything further!

  51. Johnny

    I purchased 5 pro licenses, but I am wondering if I use xampp to build the website on my local computer rather than making a live online website. will that waste one of my licenses? I want to play around with one of the licenses on my local desktop first before I publish it on the internet.

  52. Johnny

    If I wanted to give a friend one of my pro licenses so he would have full control over it, how would I do that? Obviously he wouldn’t have access to my account/dashboard.

  53. Nick

    Hi there . – dead excited about this. Can I rename the pro theme easily so that the theme name is not mentioned when my competition inevitably look through my source code?

    1. Themeco

      Hey Nick,

      While it’s fairly easy (technically speaking) to change the folder name you will run into issues with automatic updates working as that looks for certain naming structure. If you wanted to manually update the theme each time you could change the folder however that is a lot of extra work.


  54. Paul

    You say: “We have provided a provisional license of Pro in your Themeco account dashboard for testing (bottom of page).”

    I have just created a Themco account, but can’t see the provisional license of Pro?

  55. Warwick

    I have just started a new website using X. My background is a graphic designer by trade with a bit of web experience. I am considering upgrading to PRO.
    Can I use all the extensions, plug-ins etc like uber Menu, layer Slider etc and all their templates that came with he X package in Pro?
    I am looking to make a sophisticated and professional website along the lines of what you would see at Monster Energy or Rockstar Enery.
    I look forward to your reply!


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