Extensions: Premium Plugins Included (Free) With Your X Theme Purchase

November 30, 2015

Imagine premium plugins, built from the ground up to just work in your theme. Imagine a combination of popular 3rd party tools and custom functionality that will let you take the look and feel of your site to the next level? Next imagine a support infrastructure and thriving community to help you in using those tools, keeping them updated, and then imagine that it was all given to you for free with each purchase of X?!


Making their debut in Version 3.0 of X, Extensions have radically transformed how customers use X. Building a beautiful WordPress-powered site is so much more than just a theme, so we set out to create a world around X that would help customers achieve the high degree of customizability they desired.

Custom Plugins

Many Extensions can only be found in X. From marketing tools like Content Dock and Video Lock to our incredible new page builder Cornerstone, to TypeKit integration and morethe value from our custom Extensions alone is through the roof! Sold separately, these tools would easily be $50-$100 or more (each), and they are all included for free with each purchase. As a matter of fact, more than half of our Extensions were created in-house and can only be found with the X Theme. We also have many other exciting additions we'll be adding to our Extension library over time.

3rd Party Plugins

About 30% of our Extensions are popular 3rd party plugins that are available for you to use at no additional charge. These are tools you would have to go out and purchase separately, however with each purchase of X they are included for FREE! These are tools like Revolution Slider ($19 value), Envira Gallery ($19 value), Essential Grid ($26 value), and more. We have even worked out exclusive arrangements with certain 3rd party tools within X!

NOTE: We have created the integrations in a way where resources are only conditionally loaded as needed within the theme and if the plugin is active. Performance is a chief concern, and the entire architecture of our Extensions allow for the scalable activation of curated plugins and tools in a performant manner. We also keep the plugins updated when new versions are available.

So What Does It Mean For You

As you would expect, the cost to create, support, and license tools like this is incredibly high in addition to developing and supporting the best WordPress theme on the market in X :) We have made the very deliberate and intentional choice not to charge for these tools even though they would be a huge revenue driver. Instead, we want to earn your repeat X business as that is what allows us to continue to develop, support, and make great products for the growing Themeco ecosystem.

No other company is more committed to your success then Themeco as creating, maintaining, and growing our Extension library hopefully shows. We look forward to working with our incredible community even more with powerful updates, product announcements, more meetups, and new tools. If this is your first purchase with us, we look forward to having you on board. If this is your next purchase, a big thank-you from the entire team for allowing us to continue to serve.

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