Cornerstone: The New Beginning

March 29, 2016

Almost one year ago we released version 4 of X debuting our new 100% front-end page builder, Cornerstone. We were excited to see what people thought of our new product, and we were even more excited at how fast the adoption was from within the community.

Shortly thereafter, and in response to the many requests we received to do so, we announced that Cornerstone would be available in standalone form, compatible with any WordPress theme. After months of hard work, we are excited to announce that today is that day!

From a commitment to the front-end, clean code, extensibility, and world-class supportwe are thrilled at all that is available for Cornerstone users both now and in the future.

Thriving Community

There is no other community online like the Themeco community. Anywhere. With tens of thousands of creatives from all across the world, the generosity and ingenuity of our customer base is second to none. This shows itself in many aspects, however one clear example are the many community oriented resources for X & Cornerstone. From 50+ free block templates from 10X Layouts to repositories like and (third party sites not run by Themeco) to the newly launched Cornerstone category over at CodeCanyon and the first of many premium Addonsthe ecosystem forming around Cornerstone is powerful and only just beginning.

And let's also not forget the incredible X Theme Users group on Facebook that is home to thousands of the most awesome, helpful, and all around I'd love to hang out with them in real life if I could type folks you'll find online. Entrepreneurs helping each other from the newest of beginners to the most seasoned of pros is a beautiful sight to see.

Support, Support, Support

One of the things we are most excited about is extending the Themeco support experience to our new Cornerstone customers. We are working through a Themeco Approved process now that will mean you can get support for approved 3rd party Cornerstone products directly from us! We want to support the many developers extending Cornerstone through elements and templates, and we want all Cornerstone customers to know we will be there for them along the way. We also want our developer partners to know they have true partners in Themeco. This is sorely lacking in many of the addon communities today, and with our years of experience both supporting and developing products in the software space, we are well suited to lead the way in supporting both Cornerstone users and developers with excellence.

Partnership Opportunties

If you are a theme developer and looking for a page builder to bundle with your product, have a commitment to excellent customer support, and are willing to work closely with us to create a predictable and enjoyable experience for Cornerstone users in your product, we want to hear from you. Alternatively if you are a plugin developer and interested in creating premium elements or templates, and care about the same things above, we'd also love to hear from you. There will be many business opportunities in this growing ecosystem, and we are going to put our years of experience to help drive business to our approved Cornerstone partners.

  • About Cornerstone Learn about our incredible 100% front-end page builder for WordPress.
  • Elements Demo Check out just a few of the dozens and dozens of elements at your disposal.
  • Launch Party Thread Just purchased the standalone version of Cornerstone? Join the discussion about feature ideas, things on our current roadmap, and of course any bugs or issues you may find. Anytime a new product is released, there are bound to be things discovered in the wild, and as such, we plan to push out several updates in the first few weeks as needed.
  • Knowledge Base Find tutorials on using Cornerstone as well as developer resources for extending Cornerstone and creating your own products (elements or templates).
  • Purchase Cornerstone Pick up your first or next license of Cornerstone today. Remember, you can purchase standalone versions of Cornerstone to use with any theme, or you can purchase X (each X purchase includes a Cornerstone license for free). Once you have purchased, be sure to register for access to our community area where you can manage licenses, access our support forums, and connect with colleagues from across the globe.


From the entire Themeco team, a very heartfelt thank-you for the opportunity to serve you all with this product. We are most excited about all that is in store, and we look forward to getting to know you and your business better. Purchase Cornerstone Standalone