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    Welcome to the launch party!

    Our little baby is all grown up. After nearly a year of being a beloved part of the X experience, Cornerstone is taking it’s first steps into the world of standalone plugins. It will continue to be an integral component of X, but we’re venturing into a new world of Cornerstone being used in other themes.

    With this launch release on CodeCanyon, from all of us at Themeco, we’d like to invite you to join in a dialog about Cornerstone. Please share any of your thoughts and experiences here with the community.

    We’ve invested a great deal of time and energy into making Cornerstone stable, enjoyable, and well styled in other themes. It also went through a considerable testing process. Understandably, because this is the initial release, we still anticipate the possibility of outstanding issues. Please share anything that comes up, and we’ll work through things together. NOTE: This thread is not for support. We may direct you to open a new topic if the discussion trends in that direction..

    Cornerstone has a bright future ahead. Here’s a sneak peak at what we have planned…

    Near-Term Roadmap:

    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Revamped template manager
    • Extended template format (we’re looking at ways to make images portable with the file)
    • WooCommerce Elements

    What The Future Holds:

    • Undo/Redo button.
    • Layered background controls (with gradient options), for sections, rows, and columns.
    • New dynamic elements, with rich design controls and deeper levels of customization.
    • Inclusion of more Themeco templates


    I wish you all the best guys with the standalone release. I’m not sure I’ll ever try it, because X-theme is the king, and it has always been included there… πŸ˜‰

    But it is really great that people with other themes can taste and live the power and ease of the best page builder in the galaxy. πŸ™‚

    I do lot of user testings with others, but I try to do it also with myself. It is much harder. πŸ™‚

    One small UX improvement opportunity I am constantly noticing is the fact that Class and Style fields in Cornerstone sidebar are at the bottom, despite the fact that they are among the most used elements.

    Not only by developers. Utility classes are used by many users. So we are in constant need of scrolling to the bottom of the sidebar.

    Then, while scrolling, we hit the icons selection field on elements that have it, and that stops the scrolling of the sidebar and starts the scrolling of icons. So we have to go around it and continue scrolling to reach the Style and Class fields.

    A one-letter shrotcuts like “C” for Class and “S” for Style would save the day, or there could be an option to move these fields to the top for those who want them there.

    One more thing, that may be a problem to new users who turn on the info tooltips in Cornerstone:

    When “Style” field is hovered, a tooltip jumps out, but it goes away immediately because it moves under the mouse. So the user cannot read what is the Style field for.

    Regarding the icons, I suggest the option to expand the icons selection field, just like the text element. It would make selecting the right icon much faster and easier.

    That’s all for now, thank you great experience and the best support ever πŸ™‚


    Rich H

    YAYAYAYAYA WooCommerce Elements!!!!

    Minho noted already, shortcuts to the Style and Class fields would be AWESOME!


    Mary Beth M

    Someone probably already noticed or commented, but on the cornerstone element page that was sent in the email, I think has a spelling error about 25% down the page. “Thehe Feature List shortcode builds upon the Feature Box”. Is that supposed to be “the” or possibly “theme”?



    Thanks, Mary Beth! Fixed πŸ™‚



    Misho’s idea about the expandable icon list is great (imo). Good thinking re the Class and Style fields too… just to make workflow a bit easier. But back bang on topic, the Cornerstone elements and category on Envato = AWESOME!



    Rich, I’m obviously being blind… although I did once hear that too much excitement could lead to blindness. Always thought that was due to something else though!?!? Anywayz, where did you clock the WooCommerce Elements?



    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for taking a moment to chime in.

    Misho, seeing your concise feedback on this thread takes me back to thread we had for the launch in X. Your eye for usability has definitely influenced areas of Cornerstone development.

    We don’t have plans to re-order the position of class and style. They are commonly used, but still secondary to the content and design controls. However, we do want to add filter toggles. It may look like a group of buttons under the breadcrumbs in the inspector. Clicking a toggle would hide all the controls, except those relevant to that group. A persistent option would be “code”, which would hide all the controls except ID, class, and style. That way you wouldn’t need to scroll at all. We could also add a keyboard shortcut for this.

    Hopefully this helps with the concerns. I totally understand it’s tricky to scroll all the way to the bottom of an element like the card (which has 2 icon selectors). For that element, perhaps the filters would be “Front”, “Back”, and “Code”, allowing quick isolation to what you want to modify.

    Great observation on the style tooltip. We’ll see what we can do about that.

    I love the idea of expanding the icon selection similar to the text editor control. We’ll look into what it will take to make that happen.

    Rich, great to see some excitement over the WooCommerce elements. We hope they’re a great addition.

    Smarticle, it’s noted in the roadmap notes above.



    As per chat with Kyle on the FB group, here’s my top wish list of features to adopt from the shiny new Leadpages drag n drop builder.

    1. Integrated Inspector the the element I’m touching. When I’m editing text, I want to edit it right where I see it, with controls like alignment and font color.

    2. Better display Elements. Show more in the page fold and sort based on popularity. I don’t want to keep scrolling down for my commonly used widgets like Text and Headline.

    3. Not so important but nice to have. Navigation.

    I’m certain the Leadpages theme learned a lot from Cornerstone as they’re building this new thing! It’s time we adopt their innovations too.



    Hey everyone! Quick update. After working with Cornerstone in more themes, and seeing a few more outlying issues that also affect X users, we plan on another release early next week.

    Issues resolved for the upcoming release:

    • Addressed conflict in themes that set a window level variable called “global”.
    • Fixed page builder failing to load some shortcodes that enqueue javascript.
    • Fixed elements continuously “loading” under PHP configurations that don’t allow using the php://input stream
    • Fixed Text Type element crashing javascript when unencoded ampersands are used in strings.

    allancaeg, thanks for your feedback on the user interface. One very important decision that we made at the beginning of Cornerstone was to not interact directly with elements in the preview window, and clearly separate the editing and previewing areas. It’s a bit different then how many web based applications work, but think about the workflow in a design app like Photoshop. Your tools are distinctly separate from the canvas. We’re trying to keep that distinction in Cornerstone. If we add more interactions there, it would likely be in conjunction with some keyboard shortcuts. We have talked about different sorting options for the element library, such as resorting them based on the frequency that you’ve added them to the page, or allowing an element to be “starred” which sticks it to the top. As for that navigation screenshot, we’re trying to keep that as simple as possible in Cornerstone, and don’t want to introduce much more than the 4 top level screens, and possibly one sub-screen deep for each of those.

    We’re really thankful for the opportunity to serve you all with this product, and we’ll touch base early next week when that update goes live. In the meantime, if we can do anything else or if anything comes up, let us know and we’ll be happy to assist.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!


    Josh H

    Here’s another quick suggestion: I love the redesigned color picker, but it would be AWESOME if it had maybe 4 swatches of your recently used colors, or even 4 or so colors predefined in the customizer. I’m sure that’s not super high on the priorities list, but as someone who’s worked with X for more than just a couple of websites, that’s my insight for what it’s worth.



    Thanks for the suggestion Josh. We’ve had similar requests come in since the debut of Huebert (our beloved color picker). We do have some improvements planned in that area.

    Version 1.2.3 of Cornerstone is now available via automatic updates (pending approval on CodeCanyon). Be sure to check out the changelog. We’ve fixed a handful of compatibility issues. Oh, and Misho, this release has a surprise just for you. πŸ™‚ Checkout the screenshot on the changelog.



    X is becoming more powerful and I look forward to see that lousy Avada theme overthrown in terms of sales.

    I’ve been using Cornerstone lately and I made the right decision to transitioning from Visual Composer.

    A really super nice feature to add is the ability to edit a Block (or section) in CS and apply those changes to multiple pages where that block exists.

    I’m working on an FAQ page template that has the same section/footer all throughout the FAQ pages. The best practice is to code this as a custom post type, but for a site that has 20 or less FAQs, CS Blocks might be the second alternative. Would you put this feature in future releases? This is a game changer for any web development projects.

    More power to you, X Team!


    Ruben B

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your amazing work.

    It’s great to add more functions & options, but don’t forget to simplify some things (that have to be made with code today like background color, Footer menu look and Feel….)

    And lastly, it’s too bad you don’t ask the community to help you translate X in some languages.

    So X could include some languages.

    I would gladly help for the French part 😉




    I am not able to update Cornerstone on my end. It is saying the package is unavailable.

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