Build Better Brands

Video Series • March 14, 2024

Finally, a website solution created with personal brands in mind. Personify is the answer to coaches, consultants, and personal brands looking to tell their story online.

Through a collection of over 90 expertly-crafted templates, 200 custom elements, multiple unique websites, and an advanced atomic design system powering it all — we are excited to introduce you to everything that is Personify!

Let's start by taking a 30,000 foot view of how Personify works and what you can expect. First off, Personify is powered by Cornerstone and showcases the latest and greatest of what you can do with Components and Parameters (two key features).

These powerful features allowed us to create the most advanced library of custom elements on the market today, both in their ease of use and extensibility (translated: you can make them even more powerful if you wish). We're talking things like two-font headlines, podcast managers, social media sliders, and so much more — all native! To top it all off, you can custom-tailor the experience on a page by page, case by case, or even client by client basis thanks to our atomic design system. This is especially great for content managers or people who build sites for others.

So whether you are a web professional who needs a better, more scalable system for your clients or a coach, consultant, or personal brand looking for the perfect blend of beautiful design and ease of use — Personify is for you!

At its core, atomic design is a methodology consisting of ever increasing building blocks that create a well-structured and easy to maintain website. And this maintenance touches on all aspects or working with a website: building it, updating it, changing it, etc.

But maybe you're not sure where to start? Let's demystify atomic design and discover how Personify can help you get up and running quickly, even with no prior experience.