Year In Review

December 31, 2015

From new product announcements to a real world get together with fellow Themeco customers, 2015 proved to be a monumental year on many fronts. Join us for a quick trip down memory lane (plus a sneak peak at what is to come in 2016).

Themeco Summit

Without a doubt the highlight of the year was our first ever Themeco Summit! Customers joined us from all over the world for 3 days as we spent time working through strategies to help grow their business by 2X. From dinner perched high atop the Las Vegas skyline to breakout sessions with industry leaders to panel discussions, keynotes, and morethis event was one for the ages and something we look very forward to doing again in 2016!

Themeco Summit 2015

Launched Cornerstone

Version 4 of X debuted our new 100% front-end page builder, Cornerstone. This incredible tool has gone on to be a huge hit with our customersso much so that in 2016 it will be available for standalone purchase, compatible with any theme (and free with each purchase of X). We look very forward to the bright future of this wonderful product and be sure to stay tuned for a very big announcement related to this in the first quarter of 2016.

Cornerstone Logo

Expanding Community

We decided to jump in with both feet in growing a Facebook group for X Theme users after encouragement from customer and friend Martin Mosley. Several other wonderful admins joined the team, and we now have the thousands of members from across the globe! No matter day or night or where you may be in the world, there are thousands of helpful and engaged community members ready to assist. This group is a great place to get feedback on marketing ideas or strategies, troubleshooting quick questions, sharing X and Cornerstone resources, tips, and tools, plus more (our support forums are still the place for support). Some of our Experts post from time to time, and we are excited to continue to grow this group in 2016 and beyond!

Several New Extensions

We are proud to be the only theme on the market with our Extension ecosystem. These 21 (and counting) plugins are included free with each purchase of X! They have been integrated in a way where resources are not used in the theme unless the particular plugins are activated, and even then they are streamlined for performance. A combination of custom and 3rd party plugins, these tools allow you to add incredible functionality to your X-powered site, and they are all kept supported and updated! We look forward to continuing to add to this library.

Growing Ecosystem

We hope to be known as a people first company, and in this quest nurturing and growing a healthy community is a high priority. Throughout 2015 we were able to see tangible fruit from that investment as several customers have contacted us to let us know Themeco has become a backbone to their own businesses. Whether it be people like Jered Slusher who created an entire free membership course about building membership sites with X over at X Member Pro, John Nemz's recently launched 10X Layouts, or William Cobb's Cornerstone Library, the ecosystem forming around X and Cornerstoneplus upcoming products and servicesis only just beginning! It is also very cool that they are each using X to power those sites! We are humbled and honored to be able to partner with so many incredible people, and we are even more excited at all the amazing connections fellow Themeco customers are able to make with one another in the community. We have many more exciting things in the works related to this on the way.

Coming in 2016

At the end of last year's wrap-up, we stated that we have one mission: To have the absolute best WordPress theme on the market. Ever. When we started development of X over 3 years ago, we could have never imagined the places this product would take us. As we enter the new year, our commitment to this mission is unchanged. We have begun to spec out the 5.0 version of X, and it is nothing short of incredible! We are also underway with a big header update that is sure to be a hit with our customers as well as a new service launching in January that we are most excited about.


Our team of 20+ wake up every day with a desire to serve well at all times and in all ways. Whether it is feature development, support, bug fixes, new products, or a quick chat via email, we want each and every customer to know we care about you and that we will work hard for you each and every day. Whether you have bought your 1st, 5th, or 400th copy of X (or are about to buy your first)we look forward to getting to know you and your business better. From all your friends at Themeco, we wish you a very Happy New Year!