March 19, 2015

  • 3.2.5

This update to X focused primarily on improving user experience throughout the theme and doing a little tidying up where needed. One of the biggest improvements to this release has to do with providing more consistent checks in the WordPress admin area for some of our features such as the demo content installation and Customizer reset functionality. Because these features can alter settings if utilized, it is important to ensure that you receive one final prompt before confirming your decision. In response, we've included a flexible new modal interface that we can plug in where needed throughout the admin area. You can see a preview of what this will look like below:

X Custom Prompt

This is similar to a traditional JavaScript confirm(), where before the action is completed, the user must affirm their previous decision. This keeps your data from being overwritten accidentally, and also gives a little bit more of a user friendly modal to interface with.

Beyond that, we've included support for the latest offerings of bbPress and WooCommerce, which included one minor update to our integrated WooCommerce templates (specifically the cart-totals.php template). Other than that, everything else is good to go!

We've also improved the interaction with desktop dropdowns to ensure that they don't disappear as quickly if a user accidentally mouses off them. We have only received a few inquiries about this, but we wanted to go ahead and take a look at it to see if there was anything we could update to make it a little more user friendly, and this expanded interaction is a subtle but helpful addition.

Also, there were a few bugs that we looked into and made sure to address as well. Firstly, a conflict between JavaScript and CSS animation of the opacity property for the masonry layout would occasionally create a flicker effect in some browser. Moving this all into JavaScript has helped to ensure greater consistency in how this effect operates.

We also took a look into some content errors, such as a minor one page navigation JavaScript error that would occur in certain situations when the hash link (e.g. #x-content-band-1) was present in the address bar but that element wasn't on the page. Our newly included check for this has made sure that this won't occur anymore.

On the PHP side of things, a very nuanced bug regarding background images was taken care of as well. Essentially, if a user's blog page was set as their front page and the most recent post added had a unique background image, that background image would show up on the blog page itself. We've included a small conditional statement to ensure that this is only output on single posts and pages to keep this from happening.

X Shortcodes

The X Shortcodes plugin was retired on May 28, 2015 in favor of our new page builder plugin, Cornerstone. For more information on this transition, check out the X v4.0.0 release notes. Cheers!

Providing styling for MEJS's advanced controls was the main priority of this particular update to allow for greater consistency in how WordPress integrates with MEJS. Below are a couple examples of what this will look like for audio and video in Integrity:

Advanced Audio ControlsAdvanced Video Controls

As you can see, there are a few additional elements added to the audio and video players when these advanced controls are activated. Firstly, a current time and total time indicator are added to either end of the time rail on both players, giving users a little more feedback on the media they're playing. Additionally, both audio and video players receive a mute control, and the video player recieves a fullscreen control.

By default, WordPress' native [audio] and [video] shortcodes will utilize this advanced configuration as this is standard for their output; however, X's [x_audio_player] and [x_video_player] will allow users to access these controls if desired via the newly added advanced_controls parameter. This provides greater flexibility for users to choose between a more streamlined interface and one that has a little more granularity to it.

Finally, we have included some minor shortcode styling updates throughout. These were implemented to improve structure, and pertain mostly to the MEJS updates.


  • X 3.2.5 - April 28, 2015
    • Bugfix: Minor Customizer bug related to save button not changing properly when settings are submitted.
  • X 3.2.4 - April 24, 2015
    • Updated: WordPress v4.2 support.
    • Updated: Revolution Slider v4.6.9 support.
    • Bugfix: Addressed potential add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() issues throughout the theme.
  • X 3.2.3 - March 19, 2015
    • Feature: Included confirmation modal in WordPres admin to reduce accidental actions.
    • Updated: bbPress v2.5.6 support.
    • Updated: WooCommerce v2.3.6 support.
    • Updated: Improved desktop dropdown hover interactions.
    • Updated: Improved WordPress admin script enqueues.
    • Bugfix: Addressed masonry fade in effect styling issue.
    • Bugfix: Added translation strings to a couple locations throughout the theme.
    • Bugfix: Included check to avoid minor one page navigation JavaScript error.
    • Bugfix: Addressed bug related to background images for posts showing up when they shouldn''t.
  • Shortcodes 3.0.5 - March 19, 2015
    • Updated: Added styling for advanced MEJS controls.
    • Updated: Minor shortcode styling improvements.