X Theme + Apple Watch = Wow!



33 Comments on “X Theme + Apple Watch = Wow!”

  1. Niko

    I miss Chuck Norris comment. He browses X-theme based sites on Apple Watch so fast that it happens in future. X-theme is the only theme that can keep-up with Chuck browsing style. 🙂

  2. Oxley

    That was a very good one! Bravo!!!

    By the way the Apple watch sounds like a HUGE April fools too. What is the interest to deal with a micro-screen when you have your mobile in your pocket? And if you want to show off with a beautiful watch again the Apple watch doesn’t make it because the design is really arguable. I’ll pass on this watch! I prefer to wait for the next iPhone.

    Thank you anyway X-guys for the joke!

  3. Jason

    HAHA! Nice… I was so sold i was looking for the buy it now button.

    And yes, the Kanye – Musician? takes the cake for me!

  4. Chris

    Very nice! I got here at 12:18AM on April 2nd – long enough after April Fools to make this one a double whammy! haha – thanks!

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