November 12, 2014

  • 3.0.1

We are incredibly excited to bring you all our biggest release to X yet: v3.0.0 is finally here! With v3.0.0 of X, we're forging ahead with a completely new paradigm and focus to product developmentExtensions. For a brief overview of what each Extension entails, make sure to check out our Extension demos.

For more detailed information on Extensions, make sure to check out our Knowledge Base article, which covers everything seen here as well as some extra information. It will be updated to reflect any changes we make to the Extensions process going forward. Without further ado, lets continue on learning about Extensions!

The great thing about these Extensions is that they keep the theme free of additional size or features that not every user will necessarily find useful or needed. They also allow us to take certain features to a new level (such as email integration), that wouldn't be as efficient or functional placing into the theme directly. Extensions for X are broken down into two categories:

  1. Themeco Developed
  2. Third Party Developed

Themeco developed Extensions are plugins developed exclusively by our team and built to be used seamlessly with X, which require X as a base to operate. Third party developed Extensions are plugins developed by outside developers that we have either integrated into our theme or partnered with to bring to our users based on the functionality provided. As of v3.0.0, our Themeco developed extensions include the following (with a short description of each):

  • Content Dock An incredibly simple and effective tool that allows you to place content or marketing offers in front of your users in an elegant, non-intrusive manner.
  • Custom 404 Redirect all of your site's 404 errors to a custom page that you have complete control over. Easily create any layout you want using page templates, shortcodes, and more!
  • Disqus Comments Take advantage of powerful and unique features by integrating Disqus comments on your website instead of the standard WordPress commenting system.
  • Email Forms (MailChimp) Creating custom opt-in forms has never been this easy...or fun! Carefully craft every detail of your forms using this plugin and subscribe users to a MailChimp email list.
  • Facebook Comments Take advantage of powerful and unique features by integrating Facebook comments on your website instead of the standard WordPress commenting system.
  • Google Analytics Simply drop in your Google Analytics code snippet, select where you'd like it to be output, and you're good to go! Google Analytics made easy.
  • Olark Integration Sign up for an Olark account and experience the easiest way to boost your sales, help solve issues, and understand your customers with live chat.
  • Smooth Scroll Enabling smooth scrolling on your website allows you to manage the physics of your scroll bar! This fun effect is great if you happen to have a lot users who utilize a mousewheel.
  • Terms of Use This plugin will allow you to add a simple terms of use that visitors must agree to before completing user registration.
  • Under Construction Got a little work that needs to be done under the hood? The Under Construction plugin is the easiest maintenance plugin you'll ever setup and the last one you'll ever need.
  • Video Lock You've never seen a video marketing tool quite like Video Lock. Place offers and a call to action in front of your users without any fuss.
  • White Label Customize the WordPress login screen, Addons home page, and much more. This is a great tool to use if handing X off to a client to provide them with tailored content right in the WordPress admin area.

Additionally, our third party developed Extensions include the following (with a short description of each):

  • Slider Revolution Create responsive sliders with must-see-effects, all while maintaining your search engine optimization.
  • Visual Composer Visual Composer for WordPress is a drag and drop page builder plugin that will save you tons of time working on site content.
  • Soliloquy Soliloquy is a responsive WordPress slider plugin that makes building sliders in WordPress a task that you will want to experience over and over again.

All Extensions (Themeco and third party) are managed via the new Extensions submenu item under the Addons menu.

Example 1

While third party plugins will have their own settings menu dictated by the plugin developers, any activated Themeco Extension will have its settings page appear beneath the Extensions submenu item like so:

Example 2

This allows for one central location to manage all Themeco Extensions quickly and easily. To add new a new Extension, simply go to the Extensions page, which looks like the following:

Example 3

You will notice that Slider Revolution and Visual Composer are available to install immediately. These plugins have always been available with X as a bundled plugin and do not require product validation to unlock. All Themeco developed Extensions and Soliloquy are made available after the theme has been validated. For more information on this process if you have not done it already, please consult this Knowledge Base article.

Upon successfully validating your purchase, previously locked items will become available for download:

Example 4

After installing an Extension, if it is activated or deactivated its status will be reflected via the badge below the name:

Example 5

Selecting the Manage Plugin button will simply take you to the Plugins page for you to activate or deactivate the plugin as needed.

We are incredibly excited to bring these incredible new features and functionality to our users in this release for X. We look forward to having our users take advantage of these new Extensions and seeing what they do with them in the wild.


  • X 3.0.1 - November 19, 2014
    • Updated: Added ability in Customizer to disable native OpenGraph tags.
    • Updated: Font Awesome to v4.2.
    • Updated: Improved error handling for product validation.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a few instances of untranslatable text.
  • Shortcodes 2.5.2 - November 19, 2014
    • Updated: Add [google_map] and [google_map_marker] shortcodes to shortcode generator menu.
    • Updated: Deprecated the [social] shortcode.
  • X 3.0.0 - November 12, 2014
    • Feature: Support for over a dozen Extensions developed by Themeco to work seamlessly within the X ecosystem.
    • Updated: Changed "_slider-revolution-above.php" and "_slider-revolution-below.php" views to "_slider-above.php" and "_slider-below.php" for simpler namespacing.
    • Updated: Templates updated to support v2.2.8 of WooCommerce.
    • Updated: Deprecated Foundation Social icon font and [social] shortcode.
    • Updated: Improved CSS output by updating vendor prefixes.
    • Updated: Improvements with script and style handling.
    • Bugfix: Updated blank template layouts to remove duplicate markup.
    • Bugfix: Customizer informational text change.
    • Bugfix: Removed minor notices on 404 page if debugging is turned on.
  • Shortcodes 2.5.1 - November 12, 2014
    • Updated: Minor updates to certain shortcode features and styling, such as the background video feature for [content_band] shortcodes.