August 26, 2014

  • 2.4.0

You asked for it and we're incredibly excited to announce that it's finally here: X officially offers integrated bbPress styling and support with the latest release of the theme! This has been a long requested feature from some of our users and we couldn't be more thrilled to finally release it out into the wild. Without further ado, let's dive a little deeper into the X bbPress integration.

bbPress is a very cool plugin that allows users setup forums on their WordPress installation. It offers up a host of functionality to suit your needs and also integrates seamlessly with BuddyPress if you happen to be using that as well (which we added support for in our previous release)!

There are a lot of considerations to take into account when structuring and styling the various elements utilized throughout the plugin. Add in the fact that X is not only responsive, but features numerous options to alter site width, content width, et cetera, and things can get very tricky very fast. However, we really wanted to take some time to properly assess all that bbPress had to offer and do our best to modernize it in a fresh and stylish way. We started with what we had done with our BuddyPress integration and built off of that to make the two plugins work seamlessly together. If you're using bbPress on it's own, it will look and function great. If you happen to be using it with BuddyPress, the two will look and function as one seamless user experience unlike anything ever seen before with these two plugins!

Similar to our BuddyPress integration, we have also included an optional navigation item that can be activated via the Customizer. Upon enabling this in the Customizer, this item will automatically populate a list of links for you that are bbPress specific. It also is dynamic based on whether or not BuddyPress is activated on your site. For example, if BuddyPress is not active, a profile link will be present, but if BuddyPress is active and the BuddyPress navigation item is active, this link will go away as the BuddyPress link already serves this purpose. Everything is laid out and structured intelligently so that there is no overlap and items are only utilized when needed.

The biggest thing to glean from all of this is that no stone was left unturned in this integration. We really took time to go over every detail with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that things not only looked great, but performed great as well. This meant implementing some markup updates to the bbPress template files to ensure that elements were targeted as uniformly as possible. Additionally, like our other plugin integrations, styling for bbPress is only loaded if bbPress is active and will not affect performance for users who aren't taking advantage of the plugin. And with regards to the styling for bbPress, we managed to style the entirety of the plugin in only 13K of CSS, a very small amount considering the great deal of complexity that bbPress offers up.

Please note, we will only be supporting the versions of bbPress that are listed in the member center (more detailed information on this can be found in the bbPress Integrated Plugin article in the Knowledge Base). We will make sure to be constantly testing new versions of bbPress when they come out as part of our release cycle. At the time of this writing, the only supported version of bbPress with X is v2.5.4. Additionally, there are several new and updated Knowledge Base articles related to bbPress, BuddyPress, how to setup galleries, and using transparent colors.

Along with all the bbPress goodness that comes with this release, we've done some maintenance and optimization to the theme that have cut down on some CSS.


  • X 2.4.0 - August 26, 2014
    • Feature: bbPress integration.
    • Updated: Improved styling for active classes in navigation.
    • Bugfix: Styling of threaded comments on mobile devices for Icon.
    • Bugfix: Customizer not refreshing new Stack selections.
  • Shortcodes 2.3.5 - August 26, 2014
    • Updated: Styling updates for various shortcodes in conjunction with bbPress update.
    • Bugfix: Old option being called since switching over to the new system in v2.2.0 of the theme.