March 3, 2014

  • 1.7.5

With the latest release of X, WooCommerce v2.1+ is now supported. When WooThemes released their v2.1 update to the plugin recently, a lot of things changed throughout the plugin from the ground up. Our updates to the theme were quite extensive to fully support all of the new features and functionality altered in the plugin, so if you've been waiting to update your WooCommerce plugin to the latest version you can now do so safely. There isn't much to relay regarding this particular implementation other than the fact that there is a lot of work that needed to go into things under the hood to support this latest version, so we're glad that we can finally bring this to our customers as we know many of you have been eagerly anticipating it.

Additionally, we're very excited to bring right to left language support to all Stacks within X! Setting up your WordPress installation for right to left text will automatically load a small selection of additional styles to reposition elements accordingly and ensure that everything works well for this configuration. Again, there is not a lot of specific information to share about this update as it is more of a behind the scenes update for users who will take advantage of this.

Finally, we've included some additional bug fixes, maintenance updates, and optimizations across the theme. One of the biggest performance updates made to this release is the compression of the CSS output to the <head> of the theme based on selections made in the Customizer. We were able to reduce the size of this CSS by over 35%, and as always we will continue to seek out ways that we can improve on various aspects of the theme.


  • X 1.7.5 - March 3, 2014
    • Feature: Included right to left language support.
    • Updated: WooCommerce v2.1 support.
    • Updated: Reduced size of CSS output from Customizer.
    • Bugfix: Page comment layout issue with for Icon.