February 2, 2014

  • 1.7.3

The biggest part of this release that we're pleased to bring everyone is styling support for Gravity Forms! We've gone through and tidied things up to ensure that your forms look great with X and that they are completely responsive as well. The styles for Gravity Forms are conditionally loaded only on pages that feature a the [gravityform] shortcode, leaving other pages unaffected by the additional styling data. This will ensure that visitors coming to your homepage or browsing your site aren't met with any extra styles that they don't need. We know this is something that many users have asked about since our first release day and we're pleased to finally bring it to you.

Additionally, we've included a new section of options in the Customizer under the Blog section. There is a new Archive sub-section, which allows you to set layout and style options for your archive pages (categories, tags, date, et cetera), similarly to your blog. What this means is that you can now setup all of your category and tag archives like mini-blogs if you'd like, since some users like to break out their posts into different categories like Blog, News, et cetera.

Also, you can update the titles (and subtitles if present such as with Integrity) of these archive pages by going to the edit pages for your various taxonomies. For example, if you had a News category for your posts and wanted to change the title that shows up on the archive page for this category, all you would need to do is go to Posts Categories, then locate the category you want to edit and click on it. Once you are on the edit screen, you will see two new options labeled Archive Title and Archive Subtitle. If you leave these empty, the default title will show on these pages, but filling them out will result in the titles being switched out accordingly.

If you want to link out to these category archives, you can do so by going to Appearance Menus and selecting from the Categories menu to add links to your navigation and you're all set to go!

Regarding URLs as well, we've improved the URL rewriting of portfolio categories and tags. Whatever you have set as your URL slug for the portfolio in the Custoimzer will now also update portfolio category and tag archives as well. For example, if your slug was my-work before, the category and tag archives for the portfolio were still portfolio-category and portfolio-tag respectively. Now, they would be updated to reflect my-work-category and my-work-tag instead. Definitely make sure to update your permalinks if you're using the portfolio to ensure that these new URLs are working as expected for your site.

Beyond that, we've included various bug fixes and general maintenance tweaks to this release based on feedback shared with us from various customers. We greatly appreciate you bringing these things to our attention if you notice them as it allows us to ensure that X continues to improve as we move forward. That about covers everything for the theme, onto the shortcodes plugin!

X Shortcodes

With this release, we've added some new parameters to various shortcodes to improve upon their functionality, as well as fixing one bug related to the [related_posts] shortcode. We'll outline these new features below:

  • [recent_posts] we addressed a bug that was brought to our attention that kept the filtering of portfolio posts by category. This has been addressed and the shortcode now functions as expected.
  • [skill_bar] we've added a new attribute called bar_text, which can be used to replace the percentage text that is seen inside the skill bar as you scroll down the page. Leaving this blank will default to the percentage.
  • [button] we've added the lightbox_caption, lightbox_video, and lightbox_thumb attributes to this shortcode, similarly to what we did for the [image] shortcode in our previous release. This means that buttons can now be used to launch lightbox elements as well. Detailed information on how to utilize and implement the lightbox can be found here, which shows you how to take full advantage of the features offered with this shortcode.

Additionally, we've also updated Visual Composer to the latest version and added back in a couple shortcodes such as the Raw HTML and Raw JavaScript shortcodes. Also, you'll note that if you're using Gravity Forms that an option for this will become present in Visual Composer.

That about covers everything for this week. Next week we're planning on producing and releasing some screencasts to walk users through how to utilize various shortcodes, setup pages, and more! Keep your eyes peeled for these resources as we think that they'll be a huge help for users who would like some more detailed documentation on how to take full advantage of these features.


  • X 1.7.3 - February 2, 2014
    • Feature: Gravity Forms support.
    • Feature: Masonry layout options for archive pages.
    • Feature: Archive page title and subtitle options.
    • Feature: Styling for embedded tweets.
    • Feature: Styling for oEmbed YouTube videos.
    • Feature: Customizer Foursquare link in Social section.
    • Feature: Added Raw HTML shortcode to Visual Composer.
    • Feature: Added Raw JavaScript shortcode to Visual Composer.
    • Updated: WooCommerce translation strings.
    • Updated: Improved breadcrumbs.
    • Updated: Improved URL slugs for portfolio categories and tags.
    • Bugfix: 1/6 column for Visual Composer.
    • Bugfix: Email icon for global entry sharing.
    • Bugfix: Removed featued image from showing up in gallery posts.
    • Bugfix: Adjusted styling for WooCommerce terms and conditions text.
    • Bugfix: Shop title issue for Renew when setting the shop as site homepage.
  • Shortcodes 2.0.7 - February 2, 2014
    • Feature: New "bar_text" attribute was added to the [skill_bar] shortcode, allowing users to set custom text in place of the percentage for the skill bar.
    • Feature: New "lightbox_thumb" attribute was added to the [button] shortcode, allowing users to set a custom thumbnail for lightbox navigation.
    • Feature: New "lightbox_video" attribute was added to the [button] shortcode, allowing users to specify if video is being used for the lightbox.
    • Feature: New "lightbox_caption" attribute was added to the [button] shortcode, allowing users to add a caption to their images in the lightbox.
    • Bugfix: Category filtering not working on portfolio posts with the [recent_posts] shortcode.