January 11, 2014

  • 1.7.0

This release features a big addition that everyone has been wanting for some time now: masonry blog layouts! You'll now be able to choose between a standard or masonry blog style, as well as select to display or hide your sidebar on the blog. When the masonry layout is selected, you'll have a choice between two or three columns, giving you a little flexibility in this area depending on your other settings for your site. Additionally, we've included the option to disable/enable post meta information, as well as alter the excerpt length.

Another huge update to this version is that we've added one page functionality to all pages in X. The option that used to be in the Customizer has now been replaced by a dropdown in the Page Settings meta box below the editor on each individual page. Simply create a custom menu in Appearnce Menus and then set it using the dropdown mentioned before and you're good to go! Users who are utilizing the one page navigation feature from v1.6.0 will need to make sure to set this dropdown when upgrading as the old option in the Customizer is now gone and will not do anything once you upgrade. You can now easily create as many beautiful product pages, alternate home pages, marketing layouts, and landing pages that you want!

We've also made some improvements and additions to the Customizer. For example, you can now set an individual custom font for the navbar, whereas before this font was the same as your body font. Additionally, we've implemented a new section in the customizer called Site Icons where you can manage your favicon (desktops), touch icon (iOS and Android), and tile icon (Windows 8 Metro).

There have also been adjustments made to the markup of the theme so that all required elements for Google Authorship are in place to avoid any penalties your site might incur for them not being present.

As part of this update, We had to make some minor adjustments to the Site Layout option in the Customizer. Because of this, upon upgrading to v1.7.0 you will need to make sure to open the Customizer, select the appropriate option for this setting based on what you had in place before, and save your options. You will also need to make sure that you go through and set all of the new options available to you, such as the navbar font, blog style, post meta display, and more. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you, but there was truly no way around it for this update. We always make an effort to keep these things from having to take place, but in this particular instance it was unavoidable.


  • X 1.7.0 - January 11, 2014
    • Feature: Masonry blog layouts for each stack with 2 and 3 column variations.
    • Feature: Customizer option to keep sidebar on blog if active or display fullwidth posts.
    • Feature: Customizer option to adjust excerpt length on blog posts.
    • Feature: Customizer option to enable or disable post meta.
    • Feature: Customizer option to enable or disable portfolio post meta.
    • Feature: Customizer option to select navbar font family.
    • Feature: Customizer section to manage favicon, touch icon, and tile icon for.
    • Updated: One page functionality added to all pages, managed via a dropdown in the "Page Settings" meta box.
    • Updated: Improved Google Authorship markup by including required content via x_google_authorship_meta() function.
    • Updated: Updated [caption] and [gallery] shortcode styling.
    • Updated: Improved Customizer speed due to typography updates.
    • Updated: Revolution Slider v4.1.4 support.
  • Shortcodes 2.0.4 - January 11, 2014
    • Updated: Minor markup alteration made to [recent_posts] shortcode due to masonry functionality.