Video Series • February 25, 2021

X and Pro comes with content menu and keyboard shortcuts which will let you save time and ease the way you are using our theme.

Flexbox in combination with our Row and Column Elements in X and Pro let you leverage the full potential of controlling your content. Alignment controls, reversing layouts and making your Columns grow will be covered in this first part of the series.

This is part two of our Flexbos for Rows and Columns in the X and Pro theme which covers how to vertically center content with the click of a mouse. Yes, it really is that easy.

Nesting content with the Row Element to gain more control over how to build advanced layout structures are essential for building unique content rich sites. Learn everything about this in the video.

Presents can be used to decrease the time you're spending on designing a website as well as creating a system across your websites to ensure a high level of structure without having to redo everything from scratch. Discover how you can speed up your building process in this video.

For all fans of Dark Mode we have good news. This video will show you how to enable it within your favorite website builder.

In this video, we'll show you can take advantage of Global Blocks to save time and build sites more efficiently.

Learn on how and when to use a Child Theme in X and Pro and how to install it with ease.

Combine your customizations with our generated output by utilizing Element CSS controls in X and Pro.

Custom fonts can add the little extra touch to your website. Sure there are Google Fonts but if you want to go really unique you can learn how to do so in this video.

Want to use the builders inside modal elements, off canvas navigation and many other locations? After watching this video you can.

When we released Element Conditions, it opened up a whole new realm of possibilities when designing layouts across our family of Builders. But we weren't content to just stop there. With this latest release, you can now create custom Element Conditions using the new "Expressions" feature, which allows users to perform basic operations on strings, numbers, and dates.

From simple to advanced, effects can add just the right touch to your website. In this video, we do an in-depth walkthrough of a more advanced interaction effect that requires us to break down our design into multiple Elements that will be chained together to create a uniform look and feel that would otherwise be impossible with just one layer. Follow along as we learn more about effect deconstruction and how you can use it in our website builders.