Hatfield Media Moves Nearly 100 Clients to Themeco Hosting

September 7, 2016

We are excited to announce free backups for all Themeco Hosting customers! Now you can instantly restore and manage your backup schedule as desired with our support team standing by 24/7/365 for any additional help you may need. New to Themeco Hosting? Meet just one of our wonderful hosting customers and learn why he trusts our platform with nearly 100 client sites and counting. If you haven't signed up for Themeco Hosting yet, signup for a free 30-day trial with coupon code: FREEMONTH100 (limited time only). Join Themeco Hosting Today!

Hi Drake, can you tell everyone a bit about yourself and how you got into web design and development?

I started off running a recording studio about a decade ago. SEO techniques had not been standardized at that point and I managed to get my site ranking #1 on organic Google search results for all the major regional terms. Obviously this directly affected my business but it also brought many other opportunities. Requests for promotional videos for various businesses, as well as the need for website development, pushed me into doing quite a bit of freelance work for a variety of local clients. Eventually this forced me to start Hatfield Media and add more people to the team!

As a marketing agency we focus on website design/development, search engine optimization, video production and live online video streaming. From global broadcasting for conferences to websites that rank at the top of Google SERPs, our goal is to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. Having reliable hosting is a key component both for site design, reliability and search engine optimization! Google does not like sites that take forever to load, or have constant DNS issues!

What made you decide to host nearly 100 sites with Themeco Hosting?

Over the past 7 years we have continually outgrown our various servers and hosting providers. Dedicated servers are wonderful but eventually we reached the point where we needed to invest in a load-balanced cloud platform. The options for managed platforms vary greatly. I won't throw any competing providers under the bus, but I will say that Themeco offers all of the services I value, without the extraneous value-add services.

Services we care about that Themeco provides:

  • 99% up-time
  • Blazingly fast load-balanced cloud servers with floating IP addresses
  • Secure platform with auto-updated WordPress cores
  • No FTP, only SFTP
  • SSL certs on server level
  • Logical competitive pricing
  • Preview URL

Services we are glad Themco does NOT provide:

  • Upcharges for basic support
  • Massive downtime
  • Cpanel + 50 icons attempting to sell us various services
  • Email
  • Generic directory listing
  • SEO services

Themeco Hosting is lean in all the right ways, and strong where it counts. Reliable, very fast hosting, with no extra frills. I also feel like my concerns and suggestions are actually heard, and solutions are put into action in a very quick manner.

Now we all love X and the vast majority of your customers are on X, but could you share why you’ve also moved over your non X WordPress sites as well to our platform?

X and Cornerstone function as the most versatile blank canvas I have ever used. We have been using X since the initial version launch. It continues to improve faster than any other framework and we have been rebuilding all our sites on X/Cornerstone across the board. So far we have yet to encounter a site that could not be reconstructed on this framework. I am certain there are plenty of X users who rely on the included templates, but for us we love the fact that we can imagine a site layout and graphic design, then execute that concept from scratch.

As to why we moved over our non-X sites, that is due to the stellar hosting environment. We have very few non-X sites at this point, and all sites will be X/Cornerstone sites by the end of the year. For us it was a strategic decision to move all of our sites to the best hosting platform. X and Cornerstone allow us to focus on site design, search engine optimization and the creative aspects of marketing.

X and Cornerstone function as the most versatile blank canvas I have ever used...it continues to improve faster than any other framework and we have been rebuilding all our sites on X/Cornerstone across the board.

Some people are concerned email isn’t included. While there are many reasons managed hosts do this, what can you share from the user perspective? How do you manage that for your clients?

There are only two options I recommend for email...Google Apps for Business and Office 365. Even if Themeco offered email, I would still recommend that our clients use Google Apps for Business. Outlook has set the standard within most medium/large sized industries. Google Apps is a lean cloud-based alternative that simply works. Out of all the solutions on the market, Google Apps for Business is the only platform that has provided 99% uptime and no issues in the part of the provider.

Did you know that Rubin who heads up Themeco Hosting never sleeps?

Not only does Rubin not sleep, he apparently has no life aside from Themeco! We were exceedingly needy during the initial migration phase and he worked directly with us every step of the way. Many of our suggestions were acted on immediately (if the ideas were valid). Rubin is not only a very sharp guy, he works tirelessly for his clients.

What do you think about the concierge support that is included for free with each hosting account?

I think the support is excellent. Anyone who has dealt with the larger providers in the hosting marketplace will be shocked at just how quickly support emails are answered. Once users get familiar with the system, they will wonder why no one decided to do anything this straightforward before. The admin panel is very intuitive and provides all the controls we need to access. By focusing on WordPress development sites the level of service needed is far minimal than other platforms. The concierge service continues beyond migration, but I feel that the requests will be minimal to non-existent for most users after that initial step.

Anything you especially like?

The team behind hosting seem to have a strong focus on providing reliable service. New features are exactly what you would want. Meaning sometimes hosting providers talk about a new feature, which is not what you need but simply something they could easily implement and call progress. Themeco continues to improve the platform in minor and major ways without affecting overall service. Importantly, the features being added are ones we will actually use!

A few of your clients are large multinationals so up-time is of supreme importance. How have your sites done with sudden bursts of traffic?

We are certainly proud of our clients. Ever since moving to Themeco the main feedback we have heard from our clients is just how quickly their sites load. I can tell you confidently that we have not experienced any downtime as a result of a large influx of traffic. The hosting is constructed on Amazon's platform.

Thank you all for providing excellent service. I hope your team continues to add more user requested features in both Cornerstone and X. Importantly, I hope the 'adding of features' within hosting is slow and minimal. Please keep it as lean and reliable as possible. The day that Themeco starts offering email is the day I will be worried about Rubin's sanity!

We hear one of your clients is the gentlemen who wrote the iconic Seinfeld jingle amongst other hit shows?

Jonathan Wolff Shows

Jonathan Wolff is a phenomenal composer and just a wonderful person. We had an opportunity to build a new site, create branding elements and produce a variety of videos for him. It is a joy to work with him and Cornerstone was an amazing tool that allowed us to bring his site to life.

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