Validated Development Environments!!!


As of 4.4.2 of X, we are excited to announce validated development environments. Now with each purchase of X you’ll be able to run a validated development and production environment simultaneously. Keep in mind that the license terms are still the same. Each X license is to be used on one production domain only. More info can be found on the changelog for this release as well as the FAQ section at the bottom of your license page when logged into your Themeco account.

Happy developing!

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    1. Themeco

      Our pleasure, Will! We certainly appreciate the needs for those managing personal or clients sites. It is our hope that these tools and processes make that journey as streamlined and efficient as possible, bringing many more into the X ecosystem 🙂

  1. Rolf

    Awesome: will give it a try.

    By the way, does the theme run with woocommerce Sensei add-on? Had issues with a past theme and would love to use it with my xtheme.


  2. cgWerks

    Thank you, since we run staging environments for all of our sites and development, this is a really nice bonus, especially when testing involves checking X updates or components before rolling them into the live environment.

  3. Luke

    Does it come with a complimentary sound effects of Steve Ballmer yelling to soothe me while I develop the site? On a serious note, thanks!

  4. Rusty

    Thanks guys, just started on my first X site and loving it 🙂

    I had been working locally, now we can host it for clients on our own servers to check out !!

    Amazing Themeco .. Thanks

  5. Matt

    Any links that detail HOW to set up a dev environment? I’m a layman – which is why I like X so much

    1. Themeco

      Hi Matt,

      You are welcome to do some research on development environments as there are many options in that regard and from our side of things, we’ve simply created the functionality for those customers who use development environments for testing.

  6. Tom Rogers

    Let me add to Matt’s post earlier today.

    You guys need to provide more than a few buzz words. What is a development environment, and how do you set it up?

    What makes it so great?

    1. Themeco

      Hi Tom,

      Development environments are not something we are going to train people on as those who need them know what they are/how to set them up. You are welcome to do some research on your own to see if they will be helpful to your web building efforts. Put simply, they are a separate environment you can make changes, updates, and test before making those changes to your live site.

  7. kenny macleod

    Awesome, does it need to be on the same host/IP? Im porting to a new hoting system and wondering if i can use this to set up and test the new one before swinging DNS.

    Geat work by the way.


      1. Kenny

        Thanks. Do you have help files or can you answer this.

        I registered the dev site and can get cornerstone working fine; but all other X addons are blanked because it rejects the licence due to not recognising the URL.

        Does the dev space need licenced to activate all functionality? If so, how?

        1. Themeco

          Yes, the development environment will need to have a valid license to work. If you are having any issues, a member of our team can assist in the forum.

  8. Guillaume


    The awesomeness of your crew makes the west coast trumble!
    Keep it up this way.
    How about Shia Labeoif add-on : you want to be and remain the greatest team, JUST DO IT!
    Seriously, thanks you for your works and involment.

  9. Anvesh

    Appreciate your commitment towards your customers in providing cutting edge features. Every month theme X is continuously evolving as more feature rich theme. Thank You once again for your great work!

  10. aashish

    Validated development environment ? I am new at developments, how can i use and improve myself by this feature ?

    I am really happy that i bought x theme, the support forum rocks, i am using multisite with x, so this seem very useful to me. Plz sent me a guide on this thank you !

  11. Barb Voyer

    This is great news because I’m about to put a new site into production – tomorrow – and I’ve been struggling with the timing of revoking my my API key and generating a new one for the production site. I guess I don’t need to do that now. Thanks!

  12. Jerry

    This is good news. But. Am I reading this correctly? A new license will be needed for the Development environment along with the Production (Live) environment and that this change only “links” a Development environment to a Production environment?



    1. Themeco

      No, your one license will be able to be used to validate a production and development environment simultaneously.


    1. Themeco

      Hi Rockhopper,

      Envato does not allow for discounts but we certainly appreciate the repeat business as this is what allows us to continue to develop and support X, Cornerstone, and our growing Extension library.


  13. Bent

    Hi, I read all the praise above which is fine, but I need a concrete answer to this: My main registered site is still not set up with x, but will be as soon as I receive a reply to this comment. My personal site, ie my development site (which is live on the internet but covered by a maintenance poster) is loaded with X and works fine.

    The question is, can I set up X on my main site, and still be able to use X on my live development site? Will both sites work live on the internet simultaneously, with my license of X?

    Best regards, Bent

    1. Themeco

      Yes sir, you can have a production and development environment validated simultaneously and they can be in separate locations.


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