Themeco + Cloudways Partnership


Themeco is pleased to announce a partnership with Cloudways. Through this partnership we hope to introduce many of our customers to Cloudways, and, in turn, welcome many of the Cloudways customers into the Themeco family.

As a theme provider, we’ve seen our fair share of hosting companies: some good, some not so good, however one thing we have consistently appreciated has been the organic interest from people within our community. Invariably, when the topic of hosting arises, there are generally several Themeco customers who readily chime in about their positive experience with Cloudways. They are also one of the top web hosting companies as used by our customers.

With a range of services to meet any budget and technical requirement, we invite you to check out Cloudways for your hosting needs. You can use promo code THEMECO for 10% off your first 12 months.

Through this partnership, our two companies will be working closely to insure our products work seamlessly together and to quickly address any issues that may arise. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with our friends at Cloudways!

“This partnership aligns with our efforts to maximize value for the WordPress community. Cloudways and Themeco will make sure that their complementary offerings works great for WordPress users.” – Aaqib Gadit, Co-Founder at Cloudways

34 Comments on “Themeco + Cloudways Partnership”

  1. Scot Baston

    This is excellent and as an existing customer of both & Cloudways, I would really like to see something that benefits existing customers?

    I do like the idea that you’ll be working together though

    1. Themeco

      While we can’t go back in time and help existing customers of Cloudways 🙂 we were able to work out pricing for new customers. And as you said there is a great benefit of having two companies like ours working closely together.

  2. Charlie Pryor

    Simple solution:
    1) Make new hosting account and get discount
    2) Migrate all existing sites to new account (they’ll probably help you do it). Verify all is right in the world
    3) Cancel old hosting account. Get pro-rated refund.
    4) Profit.

    1. Themeco

      Feels a bit sneaky but as long as that wasn’t against Cloudways TOS. I’m sure they’d be happy to clarify over email.

  3. Jeroen

    Just awesome, been using cloudways for sometime now. Simply a great hosting partner that gets stuff done when others giveup!

  4. Reginald

    This is a timely update and thanks for sharing the awesome news.

    Being an ex-Cloudways user, the platform is powerful and very affordable as well. I certainly wish it is more than a 10% but it is still a great deal!

    Keep us posted for more cool updates!


    1. Themeco

      Hey Larry, maybe we can get some customers to share their configuration options here. Alternatively there are many in the X/Pro Facebook group that I’m sure would be willing to share their methodologies with regards to Cloudways.

  5. Ed

    Outstanding! we’re already a Cloudways customer as well as a themeco customer. X is fast out of the box but you really have no idea how fast it can be until you put it on Cloudways!

    1. Themeco

      Not unless you want to 🙂 We continue to offer our Managed and Enterprise solutions however as we are a theme provider, we see the value in having good working relationships with other great companies in the industry.

  6. Matt

    This is fantastic news. I love the cloudways platform. It is so versatile. Still hoping one day they introduce outright support for agencies with agency based plans, but other than that I have a lot positive comments for their platform and features.

    Also love X.

    Its a perfect match for me.

  7. Susan

    Love to see how Themeco works within the community. Teaming up with Cloudways shows how you identify colleagues where others only see competition. This is a true testament to the inner workings of Themeco, and the confidence you hold in your products & services. Thanks for being awesome!

    1. Themeco

      We appreciate those sentiments, Susan! There are a lot of great (and complementary) companies in the site building ecosystem.

  8. Roger Svensson

    I think that Aaron, just like me, would like to have some more deep advice here from Themeco. Should we switch or not? and why or why not?

    1. Themeco

      No sir, we are simply announcing a partnership with Cloudways. We still offer our own hosting and many of our customers use many different hosts. This is simply to alert those in the community that we have more open lines of communication between our two companies.

  9. Cheshire Isaacs

    I know people are pretty crazy about Cloudways, but I don’t really understand how it works. Even in signing up, I don’t see where Themeco fits into the equation. Is there no specific Themeco hosting through Cloudways, and if so, does it matter whether I choose Digital Ocean, Vultr, etc.?

    It’s also not clear to me how many sites I can host on a single account. Is it just one, or is it basically limited by storage/bandwidth?

    1. Themeco

      Hi Cheshire,

      We’d encourage you to reach out to Cloudways directly if you have any questions about their service and options. Our products will work with any of their WordPress hosting plans.

      1. Cheshire Isaacs

        So does that mean that the only thing that’s really new about this announcement is that there’s a 10% off coupon?

        1. Themeco

          That plus the formal announcement that our two companies have open lines of communication together as it relates to our complementary products. As you may be aware, there can be a lot of finger pointing at times between theme providers and hosts, so this is our way of letting our respective customers know that we’re working together to make sure the products play nicely together.

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