Stunning Portfolio Images by James Brandon

December 10, 2013

We were always excited about the potential of the portfolio section for X because we knew what kind of features we wanted to build out. We've been fortunate in that doing plenty of work for others throughout the years has given us some insight into what creatives, artists, and photographers desire when displaying their work. However, we knew that simply developing awesome portfolio management features wasn't going to be enough, it also had to look amazing.

We had a very short list around here of whose work we'd like to see in the portfolio demos to really make X shine. At the top of that list was our close personal friend, James Brandon. Words truly don't do James' work justice, he is nothing short of a world-class travel photographer. He's flown all over the world from Mexico to Italy in search of his next shot and his ability to capture a moment and a place in time on film is breathtaking.

Public Market

James' photography has been featured in countless bodies of work, he's a popular author across numerous photography sites, and he has even put out his own photography publications teaching others how to master his techniques. We're very blessed to have his permission to use his shots in our portfolio demos as they truly wouldn't be the same without them.

James is also sporting X on his personal site (Icon Stack).