September 30, 2021

Our next update is just around the corner, and it is an exciting one: native sliders are coming to Cornerstone!

We took our time to deconstruct the concept of a slider so as to provide maximum control without all the unnecessary bloat that accompanies most slider plugins. In addition to all the standard features, one of the most exciting aspects is the granular control over all the individual pieces.


The slide, navigation, and pagination are all broken out as individual Elements so you can both style and position them however you want. Gone are the days of having to make your slider look…well…just like every other slider. Want to use pagination on one but not the other? No problem. Want to place your navigation on the side? You can do it. Have a creative idea on turning a hero header or pricing table into a slider? Now you can!

And you essentially have two options. You can build your slide from scratch or use one of the starter Elements. Let's start from scratch.

When you drag in the Slide Container Element, you are presented with this screen.


You can then go in and customize the slider based upon your intended needs. Alternatively, when you drag in one of the two starter Elements, everything is taken care of for you.



This is more of your standard slider functionality. Slides go left/right, and you can add as many slides as you wish. Any Element can be added to the Slide Container allowing for an infinite number of potential applications.



This second Element makes it so that your slides "stack" on one another with the same rules as above. You can add any Element to the Slide Container.


Whether you want to use the Slide Container and build your own or start with one of the complete Elements and customize from there — the choice is up to you! The sky is truly the limit to what you can do with this incredible new Element, and we can’t wait to see some of the implementations you all come up with.

We’ve also created an Expansion Pack that will be debuting with this release. What is an Expansion Pack I hear you asking? In short, it’s a collection of over a dozen custom Slider designs plus education/training about them. The Expansion Pack is optional as customers will have access to the full Slider Element, however we think you will find a lot of value in it if you want to take things to the next level! Stay tuned to the release for all the details.

Finally, there are several other exciting features built into the Slider Element — things like Effects integration, carousel mode, a marquee option, touch interactions, and even slide paging (set the number of slides you want to appear on screen which can also be controlled per breakpoint). There is much to be excited about with this powerhouse of an Element, and it's all native!


There are a handful of final items we are working through at which point the beta will be ready to go, most likely by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. We expect this testing to be faster than normal, and we’ll have documentation and tutorials about using all aspects at launch. Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for the latest.

Happy Fall!