October 31, 2017

Hello everyone, things are progressing nicely as we head into the Fall, and we have several exciting bits of information for you.

We just completed the launch phase for our most recent updates to X, Pro, and Cornerstone. This was a major under the hood improvement that introduced advanced controls to our builders as well as several performance and usability enhancements. You can learn more from the Changelog about the latest features including detailed notes.

On the product side, we have begun work on the revamped Template Manager for Pro and Cornerstone. We are hoping to have something ready to go by late November / early December. This will radically improve how you create, manage, and use assets in our builders, and we can't wait for you to see it.

Once this feature is in, our original initial vision for Pro will be realized, and we will then circle back to the community on further enhancements we have in mind. In addition, there is a new Expanded Demo for X we'll be announcing very soon.

We are most excited about what the rest of 2017 will bring in addition to some of the big plans we have for 2018, some of which you'll start hearing about in December. As always, we thank you for the continued partnership and for each and every person who works so hard to make this community the special place that it is.