October 1, 2018

We are nearing completion of the X 6.3 / Pro 2.3 cycle with our next, and perhaps final beta, due out later today or tomorrow. As soon as all testing is complete, we'll announce the launch. This update includes a host of new features and improvements including Undo, Dark Mode, Custom Fonts, and more.

As a team, we are looking forward to this month as we have two big meetups on the books. First, our leadership team will be together the week of October 15. We will be attending an event together and planning out our next calendar year. This is a great time of fellowship for our remote team and something everyone looks forward to. Later in the month, Scott will be heading out to the Philippines to meet with several of our team members there (and a few who are flying in to be there). This will be our first chance to physically meet with several in the Themeco familymany of whom have been with us for years!

As we enter the final quarter of the year, there are many initiatives we have been working on behind the scenes in preparation for the new year. 2019 will be an exciting time in the history of Themeco, and all we can say is get ready!