November 4, 2019

Hello Everyone! There are several bits of exciting news for you as we enter the final two months of the year.

Grid Element

We are now beta testing the next cycle which includes an industry first Grid Element powered by the CSS grid spec. This powerful tool is a hybrid of sorts between a standard Element and one of our standalone builders (Header, Footer, etc). Pro users looking to build highly complex layouts with precision control over how cells respond will love having this in their toolbox, and we're excited for you to put it to use on live sites very soon!


Layout Builder

The groundwork is coming together for the big feature of our next cyclethe hotly anticipated Layout Builder! Blogs, index, and archive pages are something we've been keen to tackle for sometime, and we think (no we know) you are going to really love what is in store here. In addition to the new Builder there will be several new Elements, and you'll begin to see how powerful these new features are when you start combining them in creative ways.


October was an exciting month around here as our Themeco Youtube Channel was officially launched. Even more exciting, we had a goal of releasing one new video tutorial every day, and we did it! From layouts to deep dives to advanced developer topics, our YouTube Channel is perfect for the website building lover in your life. Here are just a few of the Series we have started.

  • Better Headers
  • Layout Tricks
  • Flexbox for Rows & Columns
  • How To
  • Troubleshooting
  • RE:pro
  • Creative Columns
  • Gooder Footers (Coming Soon)
  • Several of our team members will be teaching you all sorts of exciting website building tips, techniques, and strategies. If you haven't done so yet, we encourage you to subscribe and check out all of the content! Most of the videos are 3-7 minutes and very easy to digest in one sitting. We provide code snippets as well so you can put to use the things you are learning (if custom code is requiredmany are showing you how to do things natively in the tools).


We'll have more news on our redesign next month including the launch date! We are excited to begin sharing the things in store for Themeco in 2020. It's going to be an exciting and transformative year on many fronts! As always, a very heartfelt thank-you for the privilege it is to serve you and your clients. It is an honor.

All my best,