May 31, 2018

Summer is officially here, and it's full steam ahead at Themeco HQ! We recently launched a much anticipated update to X and Pro and expect to be complete with this launch cycle within the next couple of days. If you haven't had a chance to check out the new features and improvements, I encourage you to do so as this was a substantial update including dozens of bug fixes, our new Role Manager, Simple/Advanced Mode for Elements, and more. You can check out the Changelog for all the important details. We also have new Design Cloud assets coming June 1st (now live) for our Pro users including several from the Themeco community!

Going forward, you can expect shorter release cycles as much of the work over the past couple of years has been building out the underlying infrastructure. While this has been a big time commitment, the long term return will be well worth it. We are very excited it is in place and look forward to getting back to a more normal pace of product development.

On that note, I'm pleased to announce that the next feature will be inline text editing! We've had our eye on this for some time and are excited to bring that to X and Pro in the very near future (slated for June). This will add to the many other improvements from the release this week and significantly improve your efficiency.

In addition to product updates, there are a few site changes you'll be seeing over the coming months. For starters, we will be moving all communication to our blog. From Changelogs, to news postings (things like these Status Reports) to general announcements and more, all comms will be in one place. We also have a shiny new site design to unveil as part of that process!

Finally, we have some exciting new services launching this summer aimed specifically at agencies and creative professionals who work with clients. You won't want to miss it!

As always, we value the partnerships with each and every one of you and appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your business. The team is standing by in our support forums for any product questions, and feel free to reach out at anytime if there is anything else we can do for you.

Wishing you a lovely summer!