May 1, 2019

The next update is coming along swimmingly, and it is shaping up to be one of our biggest updates ever! For a more detailed summary on what this update will include, be sure to check out last month's report). Here is the latest.

  • After great customer feedback, we're eyeing this update to make a few adjustments to the layout pane in the builders. For a preview, you can play around with the updated Skeleton Mode (available in the latest version). In addition to being a better use of space, this orientation will make tasks like moving Elements around possible, even from one section to another. It also follows some adjustments we're going to be making to Element pane.
  • Elements are getting some major love this cycle. In addition to adding several new Elements, Presets will now be listed directly on your Element list! This will allow you to quickly drag a saved/designed Preset for any Element right to your page. In addition, there are several new Dynamic Elements coming your way as we prepare for the Layout Builder coming in the next cycle. These Dynamic Elements will be especially helpful for the more developer oriented users among us and are they serve as a powerful one, two punch when mixed in with our dynamic content feature of the last cycle. To accommodate all of this, we've made a couple of slight adjustments to the Element pane view, and you can see a sneak peek here:
New Elements Pane
  • Adding to the Element love, I've got two words for you: Element APImore to come. 🙂
  • Flexbox got you down? In preparation for our new grid and layout builder we've abstracted away much of the complexity to give you visual examples of using flex. Translated, you'll be able to leverage some of the incredible flexbox flexibility in a more visual manner.
New Flexbox Controls
  • We're testing out some ideas for the CSS Grid Spec while also improving the user experience of our existing rows. Stay tuned for some screenshots of this in the next couple weeks. We had a breakthrough last week that we are most excited to share with you!
  • We've identified several action items that will be making a debut in a new right click feature. Done correctly, in-app right click functionality can significantly improve the experience, and we're excited to share our implementation with you. There are many keyboard shortcuts available, and this will bring more visibility to helpful action items while building.
  • There is much more to this update including a very exciting development that we are going to keep under wraps until the release but all in all, this is going to be an incredible step forward as we embark on our 2019 goals. Stay tuned for more screenshots throughout the month!