March 31, 2024

Howdy Friends,

We hope you and your families are doing well and enjoying the re-birth of Spring!


March saw the launch of Personify and its powerful Atomic Design Systems. Personify is the perfect product for coaches, consultants, and personal brands looking to tell their story online thanks to features like native design controls, impressive custom elements including podcasting, and so much more.

Personify is also a great option if a fully custom site is out of the budget (or not needed), and thanks to the systems powering Personify, you can further customize your site using the latest in website building tech at an incredible price point.

Videos & Releases

We're finding a nice rhythm with new videos including several tutorials launched in March ranging from a deep-dive into all the Cornerstone Builder Design Systems to an advanced example of working with Components and Parameters. Once you understand the true power of CS, you'll quickly see why we are the most advanced builder in WordPress.

We are also continuing to release new updates focused on quality of life improvements and performance enhancements. We're releasing roughly 2x monthly, and we plan to continue at this pace for sometime. Translated: more goodies are on the way including features like font previews and more!


We are nearing completion of our first round of AI features, and I wanted to share a few high level thoughts related to our strategy and roadmap.

For starters, we are committed to AI being a key part of our products going forward. It will be transformative in ways you can only begin to imagine, and we want to keep you on the forefront of this burgeoning technology.

Second, we have an impressive 1.0 to share with you, but it will not include everything we have planned. Part of this is because we want to see how you actually use this in the real world and what is most helpful. One of the biggest challenges with AI is moving beyond the novelty and into the 'oh my gosh, I can't believe this just did this for me.' We want to be focused on results, not just bells and whistles. A great deal of time has been spent getting the foundations right, and we are excited to share it with you soon.

Third, there will be a strong community aspect to our future AI developments. This will make more sense when you see what we've built, but the takeaway for today is that our AI customers will get to have a voice on where we take AI in Cornerstone in the future.

All my best,