March 1, 2019

Hello everyone,

Our beta is nearing completion and while it has taken a little longer than expected, we've received some great feedback from our faithful beta testers so it has been well worth the time. The beta process has become an integral part of our release cycle. It is our chance to not only let customers play around with new features and help identify bugs but to also refine some rough edges (which is especially true with bigger ticket dev items such as this cycle).

We are preparing for our next release candidate (RC3) to go out Friday March 1. This will not have all the fixes in as there are still a couple we are investigating, but we want to allow for further testing. We expect to have the final RC available early to mid next week. If everything looks good from there, we will begin the launch cycle to manual updates. Be on the lookout for the release notes post for all the features, fixes, and more. The main features of this cycle are dynamic content coming to the builders, nested content, an updated Skeleton Mode, and a very cool new Extension.

We are a little behind the schedule I mentioned last month due to the extended beta, and I suspect our new site will be pushed back a bit as a result. As excited as we are to get the new Themeco site up and running, we want to keep our efforts focused around these next two development cycles as we have good momentum. They will be truly transformative to the future of our products, and I encourage you to read last month's status report for more information. There is a chance we may break up the next development cycle into two parts given how ambitious it is, and I'll know more about that once we get underway. Stay tuned for more detail about that cycle in next month's report. Thank-you as always for the continued partnership (and a very Happy Springit's just around the corner)!