June 30, 2023

Howdy Friends,

We are pleased to announce that the Release Candidate for our next development cycle will be dropping Monday, July 3rd. This update brings several highly anticipated features including the new Starter and Blank Stacks, code editor themes, drag/drop improvements, and editable breakpoints just to name a few.

You will definitely want to read the Release Notes for this one as there are several other features and fixes not listed here.

If you'd like to get a jump on the new Stack API, we encourage you to check out the documentation. We are not only giving you these two new Stacks, you will also be able to create your own Stacks as well!

New Product

In addition, this cycle will debut our first premium plugin. Cue the trumpets...

Cornerstone Charts

This incredible data visualization tool will help you build content and apps in ways you've never imagined. Here are just a few of the highlights.

  • Six baseline formats including bars, pies, lines, radars, doughnuts, and polars.
  • Compatible with native Cornerstone controls for a predictable experience.
  • Leverage data from everywhere (WP data, post or form data, ACF, parameters, JSON).

In many ways, Charts is like the super Element. It can improve the look of just about any type of content and make your websites truly stand out from the crowd. From custom dashboards to calculators, these interactive experiences will engage visitors and lead to better user engagement (which Google loves).

Max News

First up, Max members will receive access to Cornerstone Charts as part of their subscription. If you have purchased a Max Single license, it will only be available on that one site. If you have purchased Max Unlimited, it will be available for all sites within your account.

As of this next cycle, you will also be able to buy any of the Max products individually. When you do, they will show up both in your Themeco account and in Cornerstone. This will make accessing the templates and training that much easier while still giving you the option of how and where you choose access them (plugins will only be available in your WordPress admin as they don't work outside of WordPress).

All of this will work seamlessly with your account and licenses, and it will be managed from a new Max section on the validation page in your WordPress dashboard.

Final Thoughts

We are planning to run the Release Candidates of this next release for a couple of weeks and expect to begin the official rollout on July 17th. This is a very exciting milestone, and we can’t wait to get these new features and products into your hands!

All My Best,