July 28, 2017

Hello Themeco customers! This status report will provide insight into what we are working on and what to expect in the coming month.

V2 Elements Update

When you hear reference to V2 Elements or Elements with advanced controls what we are speaking to are Elements in Cornerstone (X) and the Content Builder (Pro) with many new native customization options.

Shortly after the release of Cornerstone in 2015, we began wire framing our vision for these more advanced customization options. Along the way - and due to the scope of our header and footer builders - these new options needed to take a backseat so we could build the underlying architecture first.

Thankfully with the launch of Pro that part is behind us and what remains is the engineering to bring Cornerstone (X) and the Content Builder (Pro) up to the level of what you see in the Header and Footer Builders.

V2 Elements Timeline

We are going to be releasing these new Element options in stages. And while there are a handful of new Elements being created (a Breadcrumb and Testimonial Element for example), the primary focus is on adding/rebuilding advanced styling options to the current lineup of Elements. We expect to have the first batch of Elements in addition to the updated backend architecture ready for beta testing in August.

Old Elements will continue to work, however we recommend for any new pages being built to use the V2 lineup of Elements. They will be adequately marked in the builders so you know which are which.

In addition to the new Elements, we are rebuilding how sections, rows, and columns work to accommodate these new controls and to give you even greater flexibility and customization options for this part of the page building experience. Content built under the current sections, rows, and columns will continue to work however certain customization options will not be available unless you rebuild the section.

This does not mean you HAVE to rebuild the section. Let me be clear. The old sections will work just fine, however you will need to create new sections if you want to utilize the new features. Why? Because backwards compatibility is a priority to us so instead of breaking sections to accommodate the new features we have built a way where current sections will continue to work. You can recreate them again IF YOU WANT so as to take advantage of the new features. All new sections, rows, and columns you create after this update will be using the new architecture.

Template Manager

The revamped template manager will be coming right after V2 Elements, and as a quick reminder this will be a new way to create, save, and export your headers, content, footer, and preset templates in Pro (for all builders) and your content and preset templates in X (for Cornerstone). We’ll explain more about this later, but we are looking very forward to this feature being completed as it will complete our initial vision for Pro. After V2 Elements and the Template Manager, I’ll begin to share some of our other development plans for X and Pro.

As always, we thank-you for the opportunity to work together. I'll let you know when there is news to share related to the first phase of V2 Elements, and you can expect another full status report at the end of August.