July 1, 2019

Hello Themeco Community!

We are several versions into our team beta for the next cycle and while beta testing always seems to take longer than expected, it is a critical part of any release cycle. Just as a refresher, once the team beta is done, we'll begin the customer beta. For this particular cycle, there are many exciting new features including new Elements, row functionality, layout options and more. We will also be seeking feedback from our customer beta team before finalizing our new Grid Element. We've got the scaffolding in place, and it is a super powerful feature (for those who want to create some interesting layouts), but we could use some customer feedback before wrapping it up. As such, the first beta will not have it included, but we'll include some additional notes about it.

We are also working through an exciting new Element API that will be part of this release allowing you developers the option of extending our products with your own custom Elements. All of the necessary documentation is being put together, so you can hit the ground running.

We appreciate your patience as we work through these final items! Here are a few sneak peeks