January 31, 2024

Howdy Friends,

2024 is going to be a transformative year in the life of Themeco, and we have two very exciting developments in the near future.


With our quest to help you build better websites, we have partnered with a leading personal brand agency to bring an exciting new product to life. Personify is a collection of premium web designs created for the personal brand, coaching, and consulting verticals.

And these aren't just any designs. This company routinely charges five and six figures for just one website (you are going to get several).

In addition to being one of the fastest growing segments online, personal brands have created a lucrative opportunity for savvy website builders. If you build sites for clients, this is a market you simply can’t ignore (and if you are an individual looking for the best platform to build your brand website, Personify is for you).

All Personify websites are powered by Cornerstone, leveraging the latest and greatest of the most advanced builder in WordPress! We spent over a year developing this product and many of the features in the latest version of CS came about as a result of our vision for this project. Personify will be available for purchase in late February. It will also be free to all Max Unlimited subscribers or if you have purchased any Themeco Membership.


There aren’t many technologies that come along that are this transformative. Simply put, AI is going to change the website building game.

The problem, however, is that for AI to be truly effective it has to move beyond novelty. Sure, it’s great that you can generate anything you want. But the problem is that you can generate anything you want.

Cornerstone is a product uniquely suited to excel in this new world, and we believe our strategy is both original and true to the trailblazing spirit of Themeco. It is nearing completion, and we're excited to share more of the vision with you very soon.

All my best,