February 28, 2022

Howdy Friends,

We are beta testing Components and Parameters, and we’ve really enjoyed the feedback and discussion from our intrepid beta group!

Update on the Update

I wanted to share a few quick notes about how to think about this update in context of some of the larger features that are still in the works.

Last month I explained a bit about how Parameters and Components will be working within our tools, and I’d like to give a little more context as to how that will work in the near term while we finish other features.

The best analogy I can think of is that of a road being built while it is also being driven on. That’s essentially what we’re doing with this update as we move towards the larger Theme Options Reboot features.

Yes it can be a bit messy, and no this isn’t how it will be forever — but it is an important part in bringing about a much improved new future.

With that in mind, this next update may feel a little construction-y. There are certain features we can’t finish until later cycles, and there is a certain bit of feedback we’d still like to get before making final decisions.

This first version of Parameters will not have a visual interface (by design, it’s coming) and is geared for a more advanced user. This will allow us to get the feature in the code base, while also still gathering important feedback.

For most users, Parameters in this next update may not feel complete just yet…and it is not. They will be a little complicated in the beginning without the visual editor, but it will also allow those who want to start using them the vehicle to do so.

This beta in particular will be longer than most. We’re going to continue to bug fix and make small improvements as we move towards the official release (no ETA on that just yet), and we may even get the next round of features completed before we go to the official release. We'll keep you posted. Even so, here is a good way to think about Components and Parameters.

  • Parameters do not have a visual interface yet.
  • Components are ready to use right away and replace Global Blocks.
  • Most people can skip over Parameters for now as the real value will come with the visual interface is ready later this year.

What was set to be the next cycle (after Components and Parameters) brings some much needed improvements to templating and Design Cloud, and we are leaning towards getting those in now. This would delay the offical release of the next update a bit, but we think this may be the best option.

We haven't begun to share some of the exciting things in store for these important parts of the builder, but they are substantial and I know you are going to enjoy them! Stay tuned throughout March for the latest on features, testing, and timing.


In other news, We are MOST excited to announce that our latest product, Gridorama, will be launching later today! Stay tuned...

Until the task is finished,