February 29, 2024

Howdy Friends,

Happy Leap Year! It's not often we get a whole extra day, so let's use it to discuss some exciting Themeco news.


February saw two updates focused primarily on small fixes and features including a highly requested 'Pause on Hover' control for Sliders. After the momentous number of releases in 2023, we are starting off the year with a focus on fine tuning and you will see many great quality of life improvements in the coming weeks and months.

We are also deep in the weeds on our soon-to-be announced AI initiative. All I can say is get ready. Our goal is to make AI both accessible and cost effective while pushing the boundaries of what it will do to help you build better websites. This will be truly game changing in every sense of the word.


We are days away from launching Personify, a product that has been in the works for quite sometime. The TLDR is that we partnered with an award-winning agency to design four custom website templates, powered by Cornerstone, to serve the coaching, consulting, and personal brand space. But the backstory is far more interesting (and far reaching).

When we started the project over 2 years ago, we spent a lot of time discussing the needs of this vertical. Speaking, media, books, podcasts, etc. These were just some of the features this market cared about.

But as we dug deeper, we discovered there were significant needs for the actual website builder — both the tool itself and the person creating the site. So we went to the proverbial drawing board to see if we could leverage the power of Cornerstone to make this experience better and more scalable for all parties involved.

Fun Fact 1: Part of the reason this project took as long as it did is that much of what you'll see in Personify literally didn't exist.

We had to create the tooling for it before we could build the product. We like to build this way as it is a more practical, needs based approach as opposed to preference or theory.

Fast forward to today, and many of the features released over the past year in Cornerstone are the culmination of those years of discussions. Don't forget that there were over 50 releases and updates in the past year!

Fun Fact 2: The redesign of Cornerstone that was released around January, 2023 was also inspired through this project.

What you will see in Personify is not just four beautiful websites. It is the result of years of conversations with multiple stakeholders and experts around three main pillars.

  1. Beautiful Designs - To create beautiful, custom websites for coaches, consultants, influencers, and personal brands.
  2. Advanced & Usable - To leverage the latest and greatest of what Cornerstone has to offer in a user-friendly manner.
  3. Scalable Systems - To develop a real-life case study and blueprint for how to take advantage of atomic design.

We are looking forward to getting this product into your hands starting next week! If you are a coach, consultant, personal brand, or influencer, Personify + Cornerstone will include everything you need to tell your story and sell your services in style. If you are a professional who builds sites for clients, Personify will not only give you four incredible full website designs, it will show you how to leverage atomic design at scale including advanced examples of Components and Parameters. Simply put, if you deal with websites in any way, this is a product you need in your toolbox.

All my best,

P.S. We have an exciting video about Personify coming next week, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest news!