February 12, 2021

Howdy Friends,

We’re off to a great start of the year with many exciting features, fixes, and announcements on the horizon. Let's chat about it, shall we?

Update Schedule

Developmentally there are two big priorities we have with respect to our website builders and they are Responsive Styling and our Theme Options Reboot.

We’re going to tackle Responsive Styling first before moving on to Theme Options. Both of these are substantial for different reasons, but we are very excited to bring them to life as they will round out an important phase in the life of our products.

With respect to Responsive Styling this includes:

  • Full flexibility over every breakpoint.
  • Reduced need for custom CSS.
  • Leaning into ‘native building’ within the tools.
  • Easily fine tune font sizes, spacing, and more at different screen sizes.
  • Resize the live preview to any device width with shortcuts to popular device sizes.

It’s a little too early to estimate when it will be ready to test, but I’m hoping to have a better picture of this by next month’s Status Report.

March Update

As we work towards the big cycle of Responsive Styling, there are several smaller cycles we’ll be doing in between. As a matter of fact, we’ve already got the next one ready to go!

Going forward, we’re planning to have a release around the first week of each month that includes smaller features and fixes as we systematically work towards these larger releases. This will allow us to continue to build out the tool and address bugs without large gaps between cycles.

Here are the main features of the update coming out the first week in March:

  • First class ACF Integration. Access data in repeater fields, relational fields, taxonomy terms and option pages.
  • Dynamic Content will now preview what meta data is available before having to insert it.
  • Incremental improvements to data accessible via Dynamic Content.
  • (Pro) The Grid Element is coming to the Header and Footer builders!
  • Various performance improvements.

There’s also a nifty new Header Template using the Grid Element that will be debuting with the March update as well as several other new Design Cloud assets.

All my best,