February 2, 2018

We are continuing to work through beta feedback for the Template Manager Update and wanted to share some additional context to this update and a slight adjustment.

As previously shared, immediately following the Template Manager Update we will be devoting an entire cycle to various usability improvements and bug fixes. We still plan to do that however we have begun the legacy bug fixes with this current Template Manager cycle. As a general rule, bug fixing is always a part of any release cycle, however with as far reaching as this Template Manager Update will be, it's a good time to address as many known bugs as possible now leaving mainly usability improvements and a more normal pace of bug fixing for the next cycle.

We're also going to try a slightly different release process this time. Instead of going live to automatic updates, we are going to make the official release available as a manual download first. Invariably, there will be edge cases we won't have been able to test for even with our beta group, so this will allow a more measured process especially with the technical scope of this particular update. We are constantly evaluating this process as creating a stable release, to the degree that we can control it, is always our highest priority.

With regards to timeline, we are on track for the Template Manager Update to be released in February and as of now we are still on track for the Usability Update to be in March. The Usability Update (two official updates from now) could potentially be pushed back a bit based on the final scope of that cycle but as of now is in line with our original target of Q1 of 2018.

To recap, February will bring the official release of the Template Manager Update which includes the revamped templating system for X and Pro, Global Blocks, new V2 Elements, and legacy bug fixes. March will be focused around the Usability Update which includes ideas such as “Easy Mode” for managing V2 Element controls (also referred to as Client Mode), and more. We have a list we are working on that is a combination of our own ideas and customer feedback we will share once the Template Manager Update is live.

We'll continue to share progress reports every Friday on Facebook until the Template Manager Update is released this month, and as always our team is happy to help in our Support Forums if you need anything in the meantime.

Get readyFebruary is going to be an exciting month!