August 1, 2019

Hello Friends!

We are beta testing the next release and have received some wonderful initial feedback. Here are the highlights of the upcomming cycle:

  • New Row Element with layout selection in preview area
  • New and improved Layout pane
  • New Element library (you can now drag in your Presets)
  • New Testimonial Element
  • New Creative CTA Element
  • New Countdown Element
  • New Card Element
  • New Icon Element
  • New Raw Content Element
  • Social Element now includes sharing options
  • Graphical Flexbox controls
  • Add New pages/posts from the Content Builder index
  • Context menu (right click Elements in preview)
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Element API
  • And more

The team is continuing to work through the beta feedback, and you can keep up with the latest news via our Twitter and Facebook profiles. This beta phase will be longer than most as there is a new Grid Element we are discussing with the community that we'd like to get it in prior to the official release (time permitting) and this also happens to be our largest update in history by item count! As there are a lot of moving parts, we want to make sure everything is as tested as possible prior to the official release. A huge thank-you to the many people who help us test these updates!

One quick note on features and how we make decisions. While not every cycle will include every feature request, we use customer feedback as the top determining factor. This update is a major achievement towards our 2019 goals but it is most certainly not all that is in store. The other two major updates we are eying for this year involve our new layout builder and a theme options reboot. We have a very clear roadmap in front of us, and we're excited to bring them to you in addition to dozens of other features and improvements.

Redesign Update

Immediately after this next release, we are going to finalize our redesign. It is essentially finished, we simply have some backend work to do to bring it all together. Every part of our site and customer experience has been re-imagined for the future of Themeco, and we are excited to bring new services to our community as well. One item we may launch soon is our new Docs site as it is ready to go! We've gone back through all of our content and re-written articles and updated resources. Here's a sneak peek.


London Here We Come!

Our leadership team will be heading to London in September, and we are planning a get together for those who can meetup. We have almost finalized the details, and will let you know more via our social profiles in the coming weeks and in next months' Status Report. The date will be somewhere between September 10-17. We would love to meet you if you can make it!

I think that's a good place to wrap up for today. I hope you and your family enjoy the last bit of SummerFall is just around the corner!

All my best,