Performance Tips

Video Series • April 2, 2020

Hate slow loading websites? We hear you, literally. It's one the questions we get asked about a LOT. So Christopher is here to give you some tips on keeping your images lean, to bring those loading times down.

Use WordPress plugins on your website? They could be slowing your site down on pages that they're not even being used on. Stinks, I know. So here's Christopher, with a handy solution to reduce unnecessary page load from plugins in the latest in our series on performance tips.

Let's talk about how to minify your web assets. This is an important part of any performance optimization initiative, and in this video, Christopher walks you through a simple way to go about it.

In the latest in our Performance Tips series, Christopher extols the virtues of Critical Path CSS to help you extract even more performance gains out of your website. Never heard of Critical Path CSS? Fear not, by the end of this video, you'll not only know what it is, but why it makes a difference, and most importantly, the simple changes you can make on your own website.