Our New Website

There is much to share and much to show. But first, a bit about Themeco.

  1. We’re passionate about the web. The internet is a powerful medium, and we want to keep our customers on the cutting edge of web development through purposeful products and scalable services.
  2. We’re a small business. We’re not one of the big multinational website companies. We’ve bootstrapped this business from the ground up, and we’ve been profitable from month one.
  3. We’re a global team. From Texas to Thailand, each member of the Themeco family brings something special to the table. In many ways, we view ourselves as an extension of your team. Our people.

Now that you know a bit about us, let’s get on to the site! There’s much to explore, but if you’re looking for a quick highlight, there are three important sections.

  • Content We have many different types of content from release notes to video tutorials to status reports and more. Instead of managing that content across several different locations, we’ve moved all information to one place. Get to know Content for all things Themeco. Content
  • Forum In many ways, the Themeco Forum is the heart and soul of our new site. Browse or post support topics and connect with others in the community.

    Staff are available around the clock to help with your product questions. The sun never sets on Themeco!
  • Docs Looking for product tutorials? Look no further than the new Themeco Docs. Now you can search from continually updated resources about all aspects of our products and services.

    There are hundreds of resources with more added and updated weekly.

Hitting a creative roadblock? Check out our Showcase. Need a starting point for your next project? Head on over to Design Cloud.


But wait, there’s more :)

We are perhaps best known for our two themes X and Pro. Hundreds of thousands depend on these products daily, and we are committed to them both now and in the future. We’re so committed, in fact, that we have some VERY exciting news

Pro Unlimited

The wait is over. Pro Unlimited is here!

Without a doubt, Pro is the most advanced all-in-one website builder on the market and with this new license you can now use Pro on as many personal or client sites as you wish.

You still have the option of purchasing single use licenses (with new bulk pricing), but for EVERYONE who has been asking, we are pleased to make this new option available.

Pro Hosted

Looking for a one stop shop for theme and hosting?

With Pro Hosted, you can host as many sites as you want with a service that just works. We take the guesswork out of all hosting configurations, setups, management, and even updates (that includes WordPress and theme updates).

You heard that right. In addition to keeping your site up and running, we’ll take care of all theme updates! Use it for your own sites. Use it for your clients. Pro Hosted is the tech+service you’ve been looking for.

One & Care

See if this sounds familiar.

You’ve got a website problem. You Google it. You find some code and add it to your site. Things get worse. You panic and take away the code. Now the site isn’t working. You reach out to hosting. They send you to the theme. It’s outside of scope. You panic and add more code. Then you cry.

Or maybe you've written some custom code but it’s not quite working. You’ve tried Google. You’ve tried GitHub. It’s all becoming a black hole. You don’t have time to research anymore, and you really just need someone to show you how to fix it.

What you really need is ONE place to go for all your website building questions. And now you do.

One by Themeco will help you with any question on any platform at any time. From customizations to integrations, we’ve got your covered! Need help with maintenance? Check out the sister service Care.


One of the biggest challenges professionals face is knowing how (and when) to scale up their team. Do you bring on more staff in order to get more clients, or do you get the clients then bring on more staff? And where do you find them? And what happens when you don’t need them?

Any way you slice it, it’s a challenge to find a fast, reliable way to scale your team up and down.

Meet Elite.

Imagine having a team of developers that you don’t have to hire and that you don’t have to manage. They are capable across all tech stacks, and just like a server, you can spin them up or down as needed. Have an influx of projects? They’re ready. Slower month and don’t need them? That’s ok too.

If you are a solopreneur, small team, agency, or large enterprisediscover how Elite can radically transform your business.


Final Thoughts

We have more to share in the coming weeks including an update on our powerful new Layout Builder (in development). Be on the lookout for that around June 1.

Our new affiliate program has launched, and you do not want to miss it! From exclusive offers to lifetime commissions, the website building industry will never be the same. We’re thrilled about what this means for our community.

Finally, a very heartfelt thank you to each of our customers past, present, and future. Your business allows us to do a work that we love, and we couldn’t do it without you. We hope you enjoy the new Themeco experience, and we look forward to the future together. After all, we’re