Expanded Demos: The New Standard & Only Available In The X Theme

September 8, 2015

Demos are nothing new in the WordPress world, and X was one of the first themes to offer dozens of unique demos when we launched in late 2013. Since then we've been discussing ways to make the demo process even better, and we're pleased to reveal the answer to that question: Expanded Demos. Learn more about them in our Changelog for this release.

Put simply, the Expanded Demos in X are completely unique, full sites with multiple pages that can be installed with just the click of a mouse (images, sliders, and all). Now let that sink in for a minute. Complete sites that you can activate with one click.

Startled Baby

We built the technology to take care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes in WordPress, so you just sit back and wait for your site to be put together. Better yet, they are built for a particular niche so if you are building a Church, Agency, Spa, or Restaurant site (our first 4 Expanded Demos), you'll now be able to have a site up and running in seconds.

From the ground up, we built a completely custom concept and delivery mechanism that will set menus for you, configure a 3rd party plugin, load all the media, and more. Remember, these are multi-page, fully designed sites with images/graphics you can use!

Imagine how your clients are going to LOVE you when you can show them something the same day they hire you to build a site for them. Imagine how fast your next project will go when you can have the whole wireframe setup in an instant. Expanded Demos will revolutionize the way you build sites with X.

Note that if you love the Church Expanded Demo for instance, you can still use it even if you are not building a Church site, they are simply geared for particular niches and optimized for those topics so if you do use it for something else, you may need to do a bit more tweaking. You can use an Expanded Demo on an existing X site you have, however we recommend using them for new sites.

We invite you to check out our first four Expanded Demos: Church, Agency, Spa, and Restaurant including this video tutorial, then pick up your first or next X license today!