Cornerstone Page Builder: Coming Soon To A Theme Near You

August 19, 2015

With Version 4 of X, we released an incredible new 100% front-end page builder that has completely transformed the way our customers use and build sites with X. Far exceeding even our own expectations, the response to Cornerstone has been nothing short of phenomenal (which makes announcements like today all the more exciting). We are happy to officially let everyone know that Cornerstone will have a very bright future as an independent plugin that can be used with any theme!

We have several exciting developments in the works including an announcement that is so top secret we can't even hint at it, but let's just say it will put Cornerstone in a class of its own.

(cue evil, maniacal laugh)


From the first line of code, Cornerstone was built to be extended with any WordPress theme, and we are well underway into the next phase of development. This includes several more Elements and further refinements to the interface. The feedback we have received in addition to our own development timeline are forming what is certain to be the best and most intuitive page builder on the market to use with X and all other themes. We are a few months out from launch as a standalone plugin, but we did want to begin letting our customers and visitors know so they can prepare.

In the meantime and if you haven't done so already, you can begin to familiarize yourself with Cornerstone by purchasing your first or next X license. Regretfully, we can't speculate on new features as there are several things we want to keep under wraps until standalone release, however we encourage all customers to join the conversation in our Cornerstone Release thread in the forum about shaping the future of this incredible tool.

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